Where’s the Pressure coming from?

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A Hole In The Wall

If God had such powerful Prophets in the books of the Old Testament, why would He eliminate them in the New?   I wonder just how much we might have known and envisioned, if seeking the Spirit, had remained our first and only priority?   For some reason, we seemed to have concentrated more on the New writings, than we did the Old ones.  Oh, I suppose we did study some things; but we never seemed to give a lot of credence, to the power they had; especially, the things God showed them.

They were transported in the Spirit.  It doesn’t seem to set well with our own particular theology; but, nonetheless, they were.  But we don’t go that far.

I always pondered about Phillip; one moment there, the next, somewhere else.  We don’t talk much about how Paul was also transported to places in the Spirit and to realms, he couldn’t even express or talk about.  Not to even mention John, on the Isle of Patmos.  In the Old Testament, angels transported chosen vessels of God to sights even unknown to us.  And they did the same thing to chosen vessels in the New Testament.  Leading even some, out of jail.

Ezekiel, was picked up by the hair of his head, and taken in the visions of God, to Jerusalem.  There was a hole in the wall.  He was told to dig into the wall; and he found a door.  And behind that door, was what was going on in the House of the Lord, and the wrong His ministers were doing.

Jeremiah, wept over the things he was shown about the condition of God’s house.  I tell you, that many also weep today, over what they see there in our time.  I think we’ve forgotten some scriptures that say, because judgment has not come swiftly, some begin to think that God sees not; that He doesn’t care.

The extended arm of God, has been merciful.  Even now, many wonder why He has allowed things to continue as they are.  For a long time, it just did not occur to many of us, that the Spirit was indeed at work, somewhere else.

He was working in other places and other ways, that we had not been taught to expect.  I must admit, that God waited on many of us, for a long time, before He moved on to those who were truly hungry for more of Him.  In the back of our minds, we really knew that Jesus and the Apostles said He would.  If we were heady and high-minded, He would turn from us also.

In essence, what does a hole in the wall mean?

If the wall is part of our real defense system, and part of the protection of the church, things that are set in the church and much needed, seep out.  And, the enemy and the world, are free to sneak in.

It was said here yesterday; that when you take the watchmen off of the wall, or they are too busy or asleep, there is no one to warn that the enemy is here.  The true anointed watchmen of the Church of Jesus Christ, not the fakes, are climbing back up to take their rightful place, as they were set in the church to do.  The mortar of the Spirit, will repair.

Where’s the Pressure coming From?

Yes, the enemy is really doing everything he can, to eat up and devour.

Evil has been loosed, in a way we have not seen before; just as Jesus Christ prophesied it would.  It is really becoming clearer, that the beginning of sorrows, actually began quite some time ago now.  But I feel led in my spirit, to revisit something else that Jesus said about this time; about how the people, were actually going to treat one another.  Paul wrote, people being lovers of themselves; selfish and cruel.

Father against son, daughter against mother, families against their own family, children against their parents; betraying one another in a rampant manner.  The devil is not the only one going at it.  People, even on here, are determined to continue causing confusion; railing and making their point, in a manner that doesn’t care whom it hurts.  No matter how much the Spirit moves others to talk about the “fruit” of the Spirit, they go right on in a self justified manner, to attempt to bring forth sweet and bitter water, from the same fountain.  Those in the Old Testament, thought that God was not watching them.

I heard something when I first came to this medium, that I have come to realize is happening to me too.  There are people asking to be part of our friends list, only for the purpose of carrying a bone back to someone else.  They have no real respect for others.  They are a nagging presence, that is there for no other reason, than to cause division and prevent the message that someone has been given.  And I likely wouldn’t have said it, until others did, that more and more, we’re being overwhelmed by all of these catchy self promoting phrases.  I also agree, that it is flesh, promoting other flesh.

These people who keep spitting out bitterness, while claiming to be Spirit filled people, are attempting to crush any ministry that might be done here.  It does not move us, that we are going to have to give an account for every idle word we say.  All of the above, is helping to promote the kingdom of the enemy.

Why?  Because it’s doing nothing to stop him.   And it’s helping to tire and drag down, those who are doing everything they can, to seek for the moving and leadership of the Spirit.

Much of the pressure is not coming from the devil, it’s coming from those who should know better; those whose hearts have become cold, lukewarm and always are full of envy and strife.

The Holy Ghost has literally sustained and propped up many today, who are being led of the Spirit and speaking what He has given them.  It may seem strange, although I heard it said here lately, that the greatest attack against the church, is not coming from the outside. It’s coming from within.

A lot of the battle, always did come from inside the walls.  But even the gates of hell are not going to prevail against those who are doing all they can to follow the leading of the Spirit; to speak, what the Spirit gives them to speak.  Those who do oppress, will soon reap, their own wicked ways.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn


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  1. Thank you so much for that much needed word my Brother because Lord knows that it is extremely Timely as well. Death & life is in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit- Proverbs 18:21 is very real & we should remember that satan, the accuser of the brethern loves to use the saints to tear down each other. The world will recognize the true believes because of our love for one another. WE as born again believers need to also remember to ray for those in authority, especially when we take time the time to tear them down…& pray for our enemies as well…Faith, Hope, Love & the Greatest of these is LOVE! Let’s Remember that God jas called us to be the Salt & Light of the World! God Bless Us All!

    Minister Mary Byrd