Who am I?


We may think we have all of the starch out.  In an effort to be more useful to God and better equipped to follow the leading of the Spirit, we’ve made a mountain of changes.  We’ve come through much tribulation and heartbreak; been humbled so much lower than we ever thought we could be.  Yet, we’ve only seen the beginning.  It takes years, to build up all of the walls and concrete ideas we profess, as being the only way there is to go.

Our traditions, do not go easily.  You can’t teach a child certain things all of it’s life, and expect those perceptions to change in a moment.  It can take even years to undo, what should never have been done in the first place.  Seeds of man’s way, are sown and nurtured and protected by those we feel we can trust.  They become a vital part of us and we perceive them as genuine; not subject to change or even up for discussion.  The rule says, obey those in authority; no matter what.  Otherwise, you are rebellious.

I heard just now, that the time is short.  We’ve known that verse that speaks of this; with do idea of how soon that may be.  I often hear some say, that there is a shift happening in the realm of the Spirit.  It’s been declared by quite a number of folk on here.  It has also been proclaimed that God is preparing a group of some very specific people, that are to rise up in this hour.  The gainsayers and the self-assured, scoff at such a prediction, or prophecy.  Their very rejection of this word, matters not to God.  He works, just the same.

It’s hard to realize, that in all of the striving and the emptying out we have done, there is pride that yet remains.  We think we might have thrown away traditions and words of man, that truly have no scriptural basis whatsoever.  I have been reminded recently of something Paul said in his writings.  He spoke, that the very things I am accusing others of doing, I am actually doing myself.  Our mind is tough, and our tongue is even braver; he could not possibly have been talking to me.  I assure you, he definitely was.

I am nothing.  At best, I am only a vessel, which if emptied enough and humbled enough, may be a channel for the Spirit to move and operate through.  It seems odd to men, that the weaker we are, the more God can use us.

For me, I found that when I knew there was no strength left in me at all, when there was no doubt of who might be doing the speaking, He used me most.  Our Father in heaven, is very tired of people claiming glory for themselves.  I have no talent unless He anoints me; my own voice, has no depth; no wisdom and no true spiritual understanding.  My knowledge lacks credence.

Our heart can be full of things, and we don’t even know it.  In this hour, God is not looking for the self-ordained or the look at me kind of spirit.  The day truly is short; tribulation and a real shaking is upon us.  Only those who rise to the Spirit realm now, can see and hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  More training and more trimming?  We can count on that.  Those appointed for this last time, are slowly stepping into their places.

Tradition and the ways of men, cannot stop them; they were pre-ordained.  Bow, and keep your ear to the ground.  You’ll arise. He’s always known it.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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