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Yesterday a group of more than 20 Christian leaders from Norway presented in Israel’s Parliament ‘the Knesset’ to Deputy Knesset speaker Gila Gamliel the following statement “Forgive us, Israel” with copies for all the 120 Knesset members.  I was privileged to speak to the entire group the evening before and felt the anointing and holy presence of God during that meeting.  May their humble words and courageous actions be an example to all those who love Israel I pray.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

Forgive us, Israel! 


From Pastors and Church leaders in Norway.

We speak as christian leaders in Norway.  We speak as leaders of churches, ministries, missions, christian TV and newspapers in Norway.  We represent the different regions in north, south, east and west.  We represent the two original ethnic groups of Norway: the Norwegian and the Sami.

As Christian leaders in Norway, we repent and ask for forgiveness for Norway’s attitude both in church affiliations and elsewhere in other spheres of the Norwegian society.

We as leaders from the Norwegian people and the church in Norway, as we repent we also proclaim that we will do our best to lead our nation into change.  In gratitude to god and to the Israeli nation we want to see a change in Norway.

Forgive us Israel, as a nation:

• for the Oslo agreement, dividing up Eretz Israel.
• for the money from Norway ending up supporting terrorist organizations.
• for not moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s eternal undivided capital city, Jerusalem.
• for not standing up to defend Israel in a world with increasing hostility.
• for the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionistic attitude from politicians and media in Norway.

Forgive us Israel, as a church:

• for not standing up more clearly to stop the Norwegian anti-Israeli political attitude.
• for the fact that great parts of the church has rejected Israel’s role in God’s plan.
• for our lukewarmness towards the persecution that you have suffered.
• for the indifference towards you as God’s chosen people.
• for church leaders anti-Israeli and anti-Zionistic statements and our fear of taking a stand against this.
• for allowing replacement theology to spread in the churches.

WE, as a nation, have a calling to be among Israel’s strongest allies!  We believe and will pray, work for and call for Norway to stand as a strong friend and supporter of Israel through generations to come!

We want to acknowledge that:

• Israel is the spiritual mother of the church and has given us the holy scripture, the prophets, the apostles and even the messiah himself, that has brought salvation to the world.
• the spiritual rejection of Israel has led to an extensive replacement theology both in the Norwegian Lutheran church and spreading in the free churches.
• God has confirmed his promises to Israel.  We are confident that god will keep his promises to both Israel and the christian church.
• the culture and tradition of our nation is basically built on a foundation of Judeo-Christian value with clear Jewish roots.

Forgive us:

• forgive even the great number of friends of Israel and generally the church in Norway that we have up till now not voiced our support of Israel clearly in our nation.

Forgive us Israel, as a nation:

• for the strong forces and loud voices that demands a boycott of Israel on all levels even into trade.
• for the money transferred from the Norwegian state which indirectly has been used towards the support of terrorists.
• for the many political leaders that repeatedly have anti-Israeli comments and our passivity not speaking out against them.
• for the widespread anti-Zionism in media, TV, newspapers, radio and internet.
• for our constitution that hindered Jews to enter the kingdom up to 1851.
• for sending Jews out of Norway into Nazi death camps during WWII.
• for rejecting Jews to come to Norway after WWII.
• for neglecting to give Israel credit / honor for the country’s substantial contribution towards the benefit of humanity.  Without Israel’s effort, our hospitals would not function as they do today, neither would our computers or cellphones.
• for making alliances with forces seeking to destroy the nation of Israel.  As a nation we have made alliances with forces that want to destroy the nation of Israel.  We want, as spiritual leaders in Norway, to break these alliances.
• the Oslo agreement seeking to divide the land.  The agreement has led to a substantial amount of funds transferred from the Norwegian state to Palestinian groups which have been engaged in terror.  For open falsification of historic facts and slandering of Israel.

We acknowledge that:

• Israel is a great blessing to the world!
• the revelation of God came through/from Israel.
• the word of God came through/from Israel.
• Messiah, our Savior was born as a Jew in Israel.
• Norwegian media has for years given a biased/unbalanced covering of the conflict in the Middle East with a noticeable bias against Israel.
• the organization of security and cooperation in Europe (Osce) has requested that steps will be taken which prevent the demonization of Israel in the Norwegian middle east debate.
• Israel also today is a blessing to and for the world.  Israel is a blessing in the spiritual, financial, cultural and technological areas, along with many other areas.

As leaders of the different churches in Norway we want in addition to proclaim:

• Norway as a nation has a calling to bless Israel.
• Norway as a nation has a calling to help Israel in securing her borders.
• Norway as a nation acknowledges the Jews’ right of ownership to Eretz Israel.
• we, as a nation, have a calling to be among Israel’s strongest allies.
• we believe and will pray for, work for, and call for Norway to stand as a strong friend and supporter of Israel through generations to come.

As Henrik Wergeland, Trygve Lie, Kåre Kristiansen and many other fathers of our nation, we wish to see a nation and a people who bless the nation of Israel and the Jews as a people.

“Those that bless Israel shall be blessed and those that curse Israel shall be cursed…”   Genesis 12.2.

We pray with all of our hearts: “Lord, Bless Israel!


Republished with the kind permission of Author Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of International Christian Zionist Center.

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