Whose Report Will YOU Believe?


This morning I heard the Father ask us a very poignant question; “Whose report will you believe?”

  • Whose report will you believe for your nation, your towns, your city, your governments, your churches and your schools?
  • Whose report will you believe for your family?
  • Whose report will you believe for your business?
  • Whose report will you believe for your finances?
  • Whose report will you believe for your health?
  • Whose report will you believe for your marriage?
  • Whose report will you believe for a future spouse?
  • Whose report will you believe for the fulfillment of your dreams/ visions and future destiny?

It took the Israelites only 11 days to travel from the land of bondage and slavery (Egypt) to the very edge of the land that flowed with milk and honey.  But it took them 40 long, long, long years before they entered in.  Then for some, they did not enter at all, for they died in the hot and barren desert!  Why?

“Now Moses sent Joshua and 9 others to spy out the land that god promised to them.  “I returned and gave from my heart a good report,” Joshua said, “But my brothers who went with me frightened the people and discouraged them from entering the promised land” (Joshua 14:8)

What stopped them from entering into their promised land?

It was the choice they made.  The Israelites chose to “Believe the report of fear and discouragement”.

Now instead of choosing to believe a good report and God’s promise of victory, they quickly became distracted, derailed and diverted by the description of those that only saw with the eyes of fear and death, (“there are giants in the land and we look like tiny grasshoppers”).

I truly believe that though God had rescued and delivered them from the place of bondage and slavery, their hearts and minds remained in Egypt.  It was a ‘poverty mindset’ that hindered many of them from receiving the awesome fulfillment of gods promises to them of a new beginning, restoration and restitution!

And to make matters worse, many wandered around in circles, going around the same mountain year after year, their hearts becoming more and more disillusioned and confused.  They doubted the goodness of God and because of their fear, disobedience and deep discouragement, many died in the desert.  Many never got to see the manifestation of God’s plans and purposes for them.

Whose Report will you choose to believe in this hour?

Has your heart become disillusioned, discouraged and confused because you have listened to the reports of fear and death?

Are you sitting on the edge of your promised land that god has prepared for you because of a poverty mindset and an orphan spirit?

Have you given up all hope, faith and expectation in ever receiving the restoration and restitution that god has promised to give you in this season?

Are you walking in circles, going around the same mountain year after year because you have chosen to believe the report and lies of the enemy and you have taken your eyes off the victory?

Listen!  To receive what God has promised:

  • we must align with the truth,
  • we must resist and rebuke the voices of fear and discouragement in this hour,
  • we must renew our minds, re-tune our hearts and
  • we must renounce negative words that have been spoken.

We must have eyes that see God as bigger than the giants that are in the land!

For those of us who find ourselves sitting on the edge of breakthrough and Kingdom destiny, we must be re-positioned in our faith, hope and expectation.

The Word says, “Keep on asking, and you will be given what you ask for, keep on looking, and you will find what you are looking for, keep on knocking, and the door will be opened,” to you.

I prophesy:   In this hour, cycles of delay and assignments of fear and discouragement are being broken over the lives of many, hearts are being re-tuned, eyes are being refocused and minds are being renewed.

I declare:   That the spirit of wisdom, counsel and supernatural understanding and strength will now equip and empower many to break free from living in the past.

I prophesy:   The power of every negative thought and bad report is being broken in jesus mighty name.  There is a divine reordering and re-positioning taking place in this hour many are being taken higher, further and fast forward into the fulfillment of gods plans and purposes for them.

I decree:  This is the hour and season of jubilee, new beginnings, restoration, restitution and Kingdom realignment.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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