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Why Do We Fear the Fire of God? — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for your warnings, which you always give out of love.
    When God sets us to the right place it is always love, to put us under His divine protection. We can do nothing if we do not abide in Jesus. Taking lightly the warnings of God will be choosing to walk away from His shelter. I see men and women even today, who did not listen, believe me that you do not want to go there. Know that the Lord Jesus already used you to bless His own for decades, and now He wants to bless you. God is intervening in your country, He is the One who made you thirsty of His word, and He has the best intentions of all: He wants to bless and save and heal you and your loved ones. So stay on the right place and He will complete what He started, believe me that you do not want to miss this. All you have to do is to BELIEVE IN JESUS and honor His honorable work. Are you ready? Look up and seek out the good. May God the Most High bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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