Why Me LORD? — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Geraldine!
    Yes, you are right, when ypu ask, if it is true, that a woman can be an apostle.

    Paulus said: “NO!”

    And through him, God spoke. You must ask yourself, if the word of GOD is more for you than a phrophecy. The Word is more higher than a prophecy.

    And the devil can use yourself so easyly to betray yourself!

    So it is very, very important to read the bible seriously.

    All the words are from GOD, even when I doesn’t like it.

    Please read 1.COR 14.15 1.COR 11 01-16.  EPH 05 21-24

    I know it for myself, it is not easy to do all what GOD is telling us. Often I must fight very hard against myself to believe and do the word of GOD.

    Therefore I need CHRIST, because HE can help me, to fight the fight

    In His love

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