Will You Also Go Away?


One of the Scriptures that really is speaking to me today is:

JOHN 6:66-67
“From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.
Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away?

IT has a ring of sadness.  I hear the Lord’s heart as he watches them go; turning to his remaining disciples I hear him say, WILL YOU… ALSO… GO AWAY?  It must have been a hurt to the Lord to watch them reject him and walk away.  I have felt his heart here and I do understand because through the years I have sat where He saw what He saw.  I have watched people walk away from me as friends and become literally enemies.  I somehow do feel with him in these words.


There is more in these words than Feelings.  There is truth that separates.  There was a time, and the Lord knew it that MANY WOULD STOP AND NOT GO THERE WITH HIM.  He saw their heart and how they had rejected His Words.  This was most alarming to Him, because He knew those Words were spoken only after He himself had heard them from His Father.

Jesus had said in John 5:19 we read, “….The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do; for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.”

Jesus knew He had only spoke what the Father told him to speak.  Now those words had been rejected and the very men He had given them to had decided to walk away, NOT FROM HIM, but form THE FATHER.  For it was His Father that He had quoted.

Jesus did not RUN AFTER THEM, but agreed with them and said LET THEM GO; they walk their way and that way is their choice.  Jesus knew it was the Fathers will that men MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICE and he was willing to let them.

When Jesus stood at the tomb of Lazarus the Scripture said He did WEEP.  JOHN 11:35  “JESUS WEPT.”  The shortest verse in the Bible.  It was much more than weeping for his Friend Lazarus,He was WEEPING FOR THOSE WHO SAT BY MORNING HIM AS IF THERE WAS NO HOPE.  The fact is, Jesus knew He was their Hope, but when He arrived on the scene of Lazarus death they had given up hope.  They said, If you had been here he would not have died..  But, was there yet no hope?  Jesus said I AM.  I AM the resurrection and the Life.  But he has been dead now for 4 days and he surely does stink by now… Jesus heard their FINAL UNBELIEF AND SAY DEATH AS THE LIMIT… THEY WEPT THE FINAL WEEPING… THEY DID NOT SEE HIM ABLE TO DO ANYTHING MORE…  JESUS WEPT.  He wept for their unbelief because they did not see Who He was.

Jesus came to prove who He was.  He did it in his miracles and in his words.  He used Scriptures to back up all He said, yet they did not believe him.  Instead men did crucify him and walk away.  Jesus knew that even when he choose the 12 Apostles that ONE WAS A DEVIL, yet he choose him.  It was a sad day though even then,  when Jesus in the upper room had to say, Judas, now go out quickly and do what you must do.  Jesus Knew Judas was a judas.  He know his heart.  It is a sad thing that God does know that some will only come for what they can get than leave when they are needed.  Jesus needed his disciples to stand with him that very night more than any time in his life, yet he knew Judas would not.  Sadly he said, Judas go do what is in your heart to do.

As Jesus went to pray in the Garden, he invited his closest disciples to pray with him, yet, they went asleep.  You must see in this the broken heart of Jesus as he came and found them sleeping.  He said, Can you not pray with me for only a short time?  Why are you sleeping?  At a time when He needed their support, they left him.

In the original and beginning Scripture context Jesus said to those who followed him,

JOHN 6:57-60

“As the living Father hat sent me and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.
This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.” 

verse 60.  “Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, THIS IS A HARD SAYING; WHO CAN HEAR IT?”

QUESTION:  What was it Jesus was talking about… EXCEPT YOU EATETH ME… He was talking about TOTAL DEATH TO SELF AND LIVING ONLY BY THE LIVING BREAD… JESUS HIMSELF.  Many that day were offended.  They said He is telling us WE MUST HAVE HIM OR WE CAN NOT LIVE AND WORK WITHOUT HIM.  They were too much in love with themselves.  They were NOT WILLING TO DIE TO THEIR LIFE AND TO ALLOW JESUS TO BE THEIR ALL.  They began to pull back.  They said this is HARD.  I can not do this… WHY I WOULD HAVE NO LIFE AT ALL.. HE IS ASKING ME TO LEAVE EVERYTHING AND DIE TO MY SELF.. I can not!!! I want to live.. THEY WALKED AWAY.  IT WAS TOO…. HARD.

God is calling some today to Work for him and to live making the correct sacrifice.  He is in need of you….

WILL YOU ALSO GO AWAY?  WILL IT BE TOO HARD??  Will you choose your way over His way?  Will you decide that His Words are not true?  or will you walk away.  Good Question here… one that will be seen in the days to come as we all walk out our decisions.  I AM TALKING NOW TO BELIEVERS.. CHRISTIANS…. NOT THE LOST.. I SPEAK TO THOSE WHO ARE SAVED.

Jesus is standing today in the Church to see who is TALKING or… WHO IS WALKING. WILLING TO DIE OF SELF.

Now is the time.  You only have a short time, even as the smoke appears than disappears, you must move now.. FOR  JESUS, OR AGAINST JESUS.


In the 1000 Kingdom Many will rule and Reign with the Lord.  It will be those who CHOSE TO STAY BY HIS SIDE.

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