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Witchcraft in The Church — 13 Comments

  1. The teachings and testimonies are so powerful together.
    and as Joyce indicated, this becomes a very important teaching document!
    We need this precise clarity of LIGHT going forward! NO MIXTURE!!

    Thank you dear Beverly!

    With clean hands and pure hearts we will carry the Word of the Lord that exposes darkness.
    Micah 3:8
    But truly I [Micah] am full of power, of the Spirit of the Lord, and
    and of justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin.

  2. Bev, this is such a needed teaching and I thank God for you bringing this out. I will use this with your name attached for anyone I find seeking light about it, Bev.

    One young man particular who will face this, as he is feeling led of God to go out into churches with these spirits operating.

    It is in a city here in the U.S. it’s like he is in training now. He is a prophetic intercessor and is waiting on the Lord to speak the minute he is to start on this faith journey.
    He already saw a giant cobra trying to chase him, etc. Still it didn’t defeat him. 

    Angus, thank you very much for sharing that powerful testimony with us! Also sharing how you quickly did deliverance on Jill. I love you all much..

  3. Witchcraft follows from the desire to control others.  If we love our neighbour as ourselves, we would not desire to control them, because we ourselves do not wish to be controlled by others.  Thus, following the law of love will do much to defeat witchcraft in the church, and I think will be foundational for a further work of the Lord against any remaining witchcraft spirits.

  4. Dear Beverly,

    I fully agree with this Word. 

    As a testimony, we can tell you that several years ago we met with the senior pastor in our local church in his office.

    As we left the building and stepped into the sunlight, Jill was brushing the air around her head, as she felt something like a swarm of demonic flies buzzing all around her head.

    We then went for a coffee, and in the restaurant, I did a very quick deliverance for her, after which all returned to normal.

    I then called one of the pastors to tell him what had happened and his honest response was “Yes, Angus, we have lots of spirits in this Church, but The Holy Spirit is just one of them.”

    A few days later we spoke with the senior pastor’s wife and she confirmed our experience, adding that this was the reason she never went into the Church office……

    We thanked them for their honesty and a learning experience.


    • Angus, God Bless you and Jill. Thank you so much for your confirmation! 

      Truly God has given you this assignment for a time such as this!

      Blessings! Bev

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