Word I Heard in the Spirit for 2014

This Word form the Lord for 2014 is by Joy McGuire Graham.


Enemy lines are drawn.  Prepare My people for truth or dare.  Which side of the fence are you on?  I send you an encouraging Word but first the admonishment.

Get on fire and quit worrying about the past.  Know you not the future is in My hands and there is nothing you can do of what is behind you?  All I say truly you must do is learn from your mistakes.

Let it go — let it all go but moving into the things of your God for this coming year.  2014 is a year of ‘accomplishment’ for many.

You will get where you have never been if you will wrap yourself in Me and keep your focus/eyes on Me only.  I will take you higher/exalt you.  People many times will distract you and destroy your focus from Me.  Let it/allow it not.

New grounds you are gaining if you listen to the sound of My voice.

I am taking you places you have never been in the coming year I speak again.  New commitment/new fire/new zeal for my anointing is surely upon you.  I speak a good Word/a kind Word and encourage My people this day.

Read the Word.  All on the altar you must lay My people.  Approved unto Me/My service for vain is the works of many.  Know ye not that I am protecting you even guiding you with My Eye?  Instruction is in My courts… take heed to your ways little ones for I long to take you higher.

Examine your hearts and move in My flow for this coming year.

What is it all about my children being taken higher by Me?  Do you exalt yourselves?  Of course not but as you humble yourself I am sitting you on high and using you in My Kingdom.

I can not use haughtiness in a person/pride.  Make your boast in the Lord/your God alone.  All else will fail/ fall/ crumble.

Sweetness is in My nature and I surely love you.  Do you want to follow Me?  Then know the cost is great but the benefits are many.  For the ones who shut their selves up in Me there is great reward.

Know the secret place/the intimate place of Worship with Me.

Come apart for awhile to draw closer and I will stamp My mark of beauty upon you.  Did you not know My children when you draw nigh to Me that others see Me in you?  You are truly lights unto the world.

Then ye shall see many chains fall off in the coming year and true freedom you shall walk in.  I will take you places you can not even imagine in the spiritual realm and even in the natural realm.  I have decreed it.

Now wait on Me for more daughter for I am concluding the matter.  What is it all about?  Enemy tries to deceive but it is so simple even a child can understand.  In Me there is true freedom.  Discourse for action.  What do I mean?

Let all things go behind you I speak again and and move forward — taking no steps back.  Quit straddling the fence and believe I have called you for such a time as this My children.

Then you will prosper like never before in your soul for this coming year.  I will use you and cause many of you to work in new fields of opportunity even and that is thus saith the Lord your God this day.


Joyce McGuire GrahamThis Word form the Lord for 2014 by Joy McGuire Graham was first published on December 18, 2013.



Word I Heard in the Spirit for 2014 — 8 Comments


  2. I claim this in Jesus Name, let me not ponder and be blinded by my past, for I am a King’s daughter & been given the power to over come all things through Jesus Christ who sit’s on the right hand Side of my Father God Almighty AMEN!!!

  3. Psalm 31:5 (NKJV)
    Into Your hand I commit my spirit; You have redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.

  4. Thank you fpr sharing the WORD FROM THE LORD. It had confirmed so many things He has shared with me pertsonally. I love how God speaks through His people!!!!

  5. Thank you all and glad Father encouraged you with this Word. Believe me, I need to read it again myself and holding on to what the Lord spoke to my spirit.  Am seeing a lot of this being fulfilled in my personal life, even. I have and am, being ‘cut loose’ from some people and hindrances. Even so, let it be, Lord! Your will be done and let us all just continually draw closer unto You! Love, prayers and Holy hugs to all~