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  1. I need God to Free me from a certain drug that is a pill and before anyone judges my request pray first It is a very very complicated situation. I’m suicidal off of it not just it but knoing that it helps with that chemical imbalance but is not used legally for that… I abuse it I won’t liee because my tolerance gets higher and higher…and the withdrawals feel identical to having the flu .So image living half a month with the flu..But I want Jesus and I want to depened on Him not my doctor’s signature…I want the desire GONE! I Believe Jesus can set me free. I need Jesus

  2. In the Word posted above, notice the line that says- “I AM about to bring My people out of pharmakeia, (the use of medicine, drugs or spells) and bring them into the knowledge of the Holy One!”  I was already on this path, refusing to take any medications for the symptoms that pained me, & had already thrown out all of my pain meds & antibiotics.  My feet were badly swollen, from who knows what?  And as the symptoms quickly progressed the swelling & pain got so intense I couldn’t get my shoes on to go anywhere.  I asked an ‘elder’ for prayer, (James 5:14) while of course I also prayed myself, claiming our healing promises from scripture.  (All of this may be a necessary prelude?) In the past when I had experienced these same symptoms I had asked many people to pray for me, even including one ‘prophetic voice’ out there, but weeks went by without much progress.  So this time, I changed my approach, focusing more directly on Jesus, and when the pain got so intense I could barely stand it, I picked up a song sheet & sat down & began singing praise & worships songs!  In only the first few seconds of singing I felt ‘an immediate release’ in my foot that was so pronounced that it made me quit singing, wondering what happened to my foot?  It felt like someone ‘clicked’ opened a valve, & all the pressure & swelling began running out!  The difference here in my approach made a big difference in the outcome.  I sing & praise the Lord all of the time anyway, but in this case I sat down to praise & worship Him directly in stead of & in spite of focusing on the pain of my symptoms.  This Word is absolutely true, but when your healing manifests, please be kind & keep your mouth closed, for there’s no need to go tell all those who were praying for you your new-found secret!  rick

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