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You Are a Piece of Work! — 6 Comments

  1. We are so beautifully & wonderfully made. My heart is so full of praise for All He is doing in these last days, to bring us together for a true last day Rembant stand.

    Beacon of hope and light you are, Sandi. Encouraging words from Father God to our hearts. I love you my sister and friend.

    Many blessings

    • Dear Joyce, It is so exciting to see the hand of the Lord moving so mightily to prepare His people for what is coming. Your encouraging words to me fill me with so much gratitude. I so desire to be a light in the darkness that opens up a place to share the Father’s heart. You have served HIM so faithfully and still are pressing on to bring life to those who are lost and hope for tomorrow. Sending so much love and prayers to you my friend, Sandi

    • Good evening, Elizabeth. I appreciate your response and so desire to release the living word that not only refreshes but bring hope for tomorrow and strength for tomorrow. Many blessings, Sandi

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