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  1. Did anyone notice that at the ceremony for the king’s ascension, that he had to make separate oaths for Scotland, including one to uphold the Protestant faith*. It is just a pity that our Scottish parliament would not make the same commitment to do so. (*Please note that if you do not understand the significance of this oath, then you do not understand the history of faith in Scotland, and have no right to ‘prophesy’ over events here. The history of faith, relationship of faith, church and state are totally different in Scotland to any other part of the UK.  The monarch is NOT head of our church or faith. They are simply a fellow believer who can worship along with us. The state has no authority to close our churches or stop us worshipping, although they were ignorant of this in lockdown).


  3. Wee Krankie mouthing off again, creating drama whilst she can. But to what benefit? To divide England and Scotland further?
    Because England will flee to up here. And God has wanted this. But the establishment which Krankie is a high level witch, knows this so she is playing this part.
    They also know it’s not THE stone.
    When Obama came for Cop26, he overlooked the castle where the drain cover lay, probably fantasising being crowned over it. Snigger…

    So much to watch for. I would bet that things will step up a few gears once Chuck is crowned.
    If he is not, there is the Will of the I AM.

    • Get your facts right. It is not ‘wee Krankie’ mouthing off. Please stop peddling myths and legends. Scotland and the UK need the truth, not mysticism. Regardless of where the ‘stone of scone’ came from, or whether you believe Scotland are a ‘lost tribe of Israel’, we are not saved unless we repent and turn to the Lord ourselves. Israel rejected Jesus as the messiah, so not all Jews will be saved.

      • I speak as a Scot, coming from a community and part of Scotland which was changed by revivals in the 1800 and 1900’s. I also come from a family who supports the SNP and don’t want to watch the end of ‘Braveheart’ because they don’t want to believe that William Wallace is dead. The death which is important for Scotland is the death of Jesus. It is He who will bring true freedom – not godless myths. (1 Tim 4:7). Please grow up.

  4. Last week the LORD gave me a child song about England. In Dutch it goes like this.

    Witte zwanen, zwarte zwanen
    wie gaat er mee naar Engeland varen?
    Engeland is gesloten
    de sleutel is gebroken.
    Is er dan geen smid in ‘t land
    die de sleutel maken kan?
    Laat doorgaan
    laat doorgaan
    wie achter is moet voorgaan.

    White Swans, Black Swans.
    Who will sail with us to England
    England is closed
    The key is broken
    Is there not a smid in the land who can repair it?
    Let go through
    Who is behind (or last) must go before (or first)

    I have no idea what to think of it, but this is what the LORD gave me.

    • Dat is erg specifiek Yvonne. En interessant. This is very significant and interesting (that you got this song) because I live in NL and got this song as well. could that be there is a mentioned who is behind (or last) has to go first? It’s maybe about the last words in the song?

      • Wow, that is amazing. I have no idea how to see it. The LORD never gave me something about England before. He also wanted me to post it here and now.

          • The one who is last at this very point of time is even not the current Prince of Wales right? I don’t know everything but there is for sure something to intercede for if you got this song. Maybe there has to be a connection with the Netherlands?

    • Hello Yvonne, you’ve got a dream lately or a while ago wich could be connected to the song, is this something you remember?

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