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Your Sabbath of Rest — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you June, that was confirmation of all I am experiencing just at this time, seems like all distractions are being removed and focus is now totally on the Lord.
    Obedience to the Holy Spirit seems to be the main aim of all this, and lockdowns are getting more strict and severe here in Sydney, Australia.
    We love the encouragement you give us and it helps a lot to fight off depression about the world situation.
    We have full trust and confidence in the Lord. Praise Him ALWAYS.❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! You are so good to me! You heal my broken heart! You are my Father in Heaven, you are the Spirit that guides me, and you are my Jesus who loves me!

  3. My FAITH NEVER ENDS, through my entire completion walking life with ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥, as my full total ♥♥♥YAHWEH LIGHT YIREH♥♥♥ since birth.
    Things weren’t easy or practical for a period of time in WWI, and further on, but ♥♥♥HE♥♥♥ there 366 day’s 24/7.
    ♥♥♥HIS CALLS AND WAYS♥♥♥, never stop within me, and never are wrong calls.
    Your words, HON. Sister VESSEL of THE KINGDOM, are very special remarks.
    Had mentioned many times, ♥♥♥HE manifest to You Madam Vessel, the vertical truth as HE does it for You Madam, as well for my Wife and me with HIS HOLY GHOST as we daily we perform Obedience that we TRUST in HIM♥♥♥..!
    What You written in today’s MSGE, am 100% & Plus sure will occur, ♥♥♥HIS WAY OWN WAY SCHEDULE, and be steady patience with total FAITH toward always HIS assigned purposes to be done from HIS GOVERNANCE IN HEAVEN’S♥♥♥, AMÉN..!

    • In absolute THANKSGIVING to My HASHEM ABBA, I RAISE to ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥ to complete this last SABBAH with ♥♥♥HIS GLORIOUS SHALOM MESSAGE, sent via You VESSEL to be on this earth a LIGHT for HIS KINGDOM♥♥♥, AMÉN; SELAH for yet many to come..!


      PS 119.114


      • C.E.V.B.

        From the early age of 3/4yrs old onwards till these days, without a mom, as she was serving in WWI, but taken care by Angels assigned from Heaven’s, ♥♥♥HE did provided me HIS Will’s to be acting as a vessel since with 2 Timothy 1, for my walking’s with HIM as a Soldier of HIS regiment’s forces for MORE THAN 65.7 years SERVICED , as its my works today, and fighting today’s darkness in earth, specially for all The ANZAC agreements forces, (destroyed by one of the 6 lizards that must be stop NOWAND, and be captured and be send to the Courts at Heaven’s AMÉN & AMÉN! WITH FULL SELAH HELP FROM HIS KINGDOM♥♥♥,as we are ♥♥♥HIS children serving in HIS creations & developments♥♥♥

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