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  1. Sister, yesterday late evening I sat at my kitchen table and took an old recipe book from the bord, a book completely about cereals. There were Bible verses inside about first cereal in the year, first fruits bread of Barleycorn. With 20 barleycorn breads once 100 people were fed (2.Kings 4:42) and it were 5 barleycorn bread that in Jesus`hands was wondrously multiplied to feed 5000. These are God`s stories, and the 2nd is about a 1000-fold multiplication. But why I write to you: In the book I found an articles, slumbering there since years, that it is proven that people live 10 years longer when they eat healthy corn / cereals every day. Now – this morning I see your 101010 article… really many 10, 100 and 1000 numbers in these days. For sure, this has a biblical meaning. Stay blessed, Veronika ! Now I am going to read the other articles, too. I appreciate you ALL ! We are all only a part in God`s Kingdom. And we must stay together under His rule, He is the head of the body. He is Master, we are servants. I want to tell you all who have been praying: I had almost 10 hours of restoring, refreshing sleep last night. I am very very grateful for this and I know, I am convinced that some or many have prayed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! And Veronika: Without planning this – I see just now 10:20 on my pc clock :-)

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