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2000 Mules Versus 2000 Elephants — 13 Comments

  1. As l was reading these dreams l kept hearing that the donkeys represented the Demmocratic Party and the elephants represented the Republican Party.

  2. Fantastic dreams!! I am lucky also to have dreams from God! Thank you for sharing these! Omg you’re the one who dreamed about the Trump Tree!! I loved that one too!!

    Praise the I AM.
    The one who rules NZ has been mortally wounded as revealed by the mighty one.

  4. What an Awesome God we have.  To have given you these dreams and have someone able to help you figure out what it is all about. I pray that all will come to pass in the near future. We are tired of seeing horrible things taking place in our country. Sue

  5. I am waiting, believing, trusting, for God’s Wisdom, Understanding, righteousness, truth and JUDGMENT to fall completely. I thank Elohim, Yashua Hamisha Jesus Christ for revealing to His Prophet Veronika West the most powerful dreams and visions, understandings. And scriptures that tell that it is all true. Carol Morrow

  6. Thank you LORD for REVEALING your plans to YOUR PROPHET, Veronika West, who then shares with YOUR people.


    She stands before the One she loves
    Like Moses when he had on the veil
    She’s a nursing mother and father
    Who tween the porch and alter does travail
    Her passion is to have His Presence
    And have the Wind of the Spirit fill her and sing
    For she knows that soon will come the day
    That mankind will be delivered on Eagles Wings
    She’s prepared herself to receive the Fire
    That will bring her next to her King
    She’ll be coming up from the wilderness
    With her All her Everything.


    The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence
    And the violent take it by Force
    A terrible Army With Banners
    About to run her course
    She’ll come with a Rod to Establish
    The Father’s Heart Desires
    She’ll be less than very well disposed
    Towards all those busy strange fires
    She’ll pray according to His Will
    And knows that she’ll be Heard
    For she’ll be Clothed and Possessed
    By the Eternal Living Word


    Judah stands on the hill of blessing
    Whilst Manassah replaces Dan
    The son of thunder becomes the Apostle of Love
    The Jonahs no longer decry Mercy’s Stand
    For the Bride will be Mercy Personified
    She’ll be Clothed and Possessed by His Hand
    Whose Blood Cries Out For Mercy
    For the people and the land
    For the whole of creation travaileth and groaneth
    To be in the Presence of Him
    Who Came To Save And Not Destroy
    Perfect Love That Covereth Sin ..

  10. I am praying for supernatural angelic protection for you all those you love, and those close to you, Miss Veronica. You are cherished not only by Abba, but but by many other intercessors around the world. Shalom, SHALOM.

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