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  1. Yes I also believe the time is already here where the Pentecostal fire will fall on the seventh day Adventist Church (SDA)

    What the government will use to divide the line will be the NWO agenda precisely the national Sunday law, CHOOSE to receive the mark so you can sell or buy or CHOOSE to be a CHRISTIAN (SDA)so you can keep the Sabbath that is Saturday and not Sunday.

    *I believe the empasis here is on keeping the Sabbath, for you can keep the Sabbath and still worship on Sunday as well.*

    Many of the Pentecostal man fellow worshipers leaving the church to follow the government means they choose to receive the mark of the best.

    May the Sprit of truth guide our hearts and minds as ABBA Father gives us understanding in Christ Jesus name. amen

  2. Yes I also do believe that it’s already here where the Pentecostpal fire will fall so on the seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church. Can’t wait !!! To God be the glory.

  3. Hi, Travis , may I share what this dream rings in me ? the Pentecostal member represent the coming Pentecost fire will fall on the Sabbath keeper church- his people , they are the new creation which their faith are built on the true foundation and been testes and come out like gold . as you are showed Isa6:12 is echoes 2Ch36:20-21:”… the land enjoyed its Sabbath rest; all the time of its desolation it rested… ” the very reason that Israel exiled was their rebellion to the LORD by broken his covenant and defiled his Sabbath ( the Seventh day is holy as God made it holy-Ge2:3).below is my understanding through the HS about the Sabbath,please take your time and read it , I pray that this will bless you !
    About the Sabbath , I couldn’t say enough how important it is !!! 1. It’s God’s commands , even the EVERLASTING COVENANT (Ge17:13; Ex20:8-11, 23:12, 31:12-17, 34:27-28 ; Lev19:3,30, 23:3, 26:2) . 2. It’s a sign between God and his people ( Ex31:12-13,17; Eze20:12,20). 3.It’s made us holy – set apart ( Ex31:13, Nu15:40; Eze20:12). 4. It’s the circumcision of the heart (Ro2:26, Col2:11, Php3:3, ) . a/ for it NEVER mean on the flesh alone ( Nu6:6,Jer4:4, 9:25-26, 31:31-34; Lev26:41, Dt30:6,8; Ac7:51, ).b/ what is flesh in the bible ? ( Ro8:7) .5. what if we failed to keep it holy ? a/ it provoke God’s anger ( Dt29:24-25, 31:16-17,Jdg2:20, 2Ki17:7-20 ). b/ God’s name is profaned Eze22:26). c/ the earth is defiled (Isa24:5) . d/ disqualify oneself from being Mount Zion- the Kingdom Priesthood ( La2:6, Eze44:24, 22:26, Jer33:19-22, Ex19:5, Hos4:6). e/ dispersed & scattered … ( Eze20:23-24) . f/ will be deceived by the antichrist ( Da11:28,30,32 ) . being forbidden to enter the sanctuary ( Eze44:9) . 6. even in the new heaven and earth ( Isa66:22-23 Eze45:17, 46:1,3 ) . 7. the benefits of keeping it holy ( Isa56:2- 7, 58:11-14) . “after all it is the conclusion of the matter : “Fear God and keep his commandments , for this is the whole duty of man “( Eccl12:13) . thank you, GB!!!

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