A New Beginning!


I felt the Prophetic very strong yesterday, so strong  [my wife] Celeste and I went to special prayer.  We did talk about it and pray.  I stayed up most of the night.  As I was thinking on this I saw the FEET AND LEGS OF TWO MEN WALKING and I knew it was the Feet and Legs of the Two Major Candidates running for the office of the President.  I heard the Lord say NEITHER ONE OF THEM CAN DO ANYTHING.

At around 1:30 am I got the following word:

I am a God of New Beginnings and Today I begin ANEW.  This Land is so lost and turned around, I MUST TOUCH THEM.  I will do what NONE CAN DO, See them talking Loud but neither one can undo what is done.

I am here but will not move until I have my chance to Jump in and Say and Work out all my Mighty Plans.


The message was short as you see and brief.  When I got it I thought there must be more to come of this message, but it did not come.  This morning I got up and read this word and Knew I must post it as is.

I have the very strong leading to warn all Christians,[especially in America because I feel this word is concerning America foremost], to prepare for that Storm I have been hearing was coming since early in 2008.  The prophetic words have been many to me personally about this storm coming and a great judgement here in America.

I am working daily to prepare my self and Celeste for this by making sure of our Close Relationship with the Lord and preparing for hard times to come.  I have heard the Lord say to me that he has given me a place to live and to be IN WHAT IS FIXING TO HAPPEN.  We have a garden and have been putting up food.  We have our own well and are securing all for the crash that could happen very soon.  I am not the only one who is hearing this, as you see the word I posted yesterday and the link to a word by Rick Joyner.  “CATCH THE WAVE”.  I know that in the midst of this Storm there will be Revival.  There will be no place to run and there will be Awakening of God’s people who are sleeping.  Many will PERISH in what is coming.

This will be a mixed blessing and a judgement.  I believe the Lord will go out now like a Mighty Farmer and PLOW SIN UNDER as He has said he would do….. IN THIS LAND.  I am expecting a NEW BEGINNING.

DO NOT EVEN TRY TO FIGURE OUT HOW GOD WILL DO IT… JUST KNOW HE WILL.  I have said that I have been led to believe that IT IS TOO LATE TO VOTE.  The political process has been out of the hands of Americans for a long time now.  It is plain to see the people do not have the position of placing a President in office.  The political scene is a joke.  NOW GOD IS THE ONE WHO DOES THIS.  He has placed the Leaders in place on purpose to bring down the wrong in this Land.  THE NEXT MOVE IS HIS.

God will go forth in this Land and IS.  He will yet do what others have said COULD NOT BE DONE.  He is God and NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR HIM.

Prophet Ken Dewey


Prophet Ken Dewey photo

Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.



A New Beginning! — 4 Comments

  1. Wow you know how awesome is our God. Brother in the Lord we are from South Africa and the Lord has told us the same. The Hand of the Lord is going to move right across the earth. We believe that God will keep those who truely love Him. Be blessed in Jesus Name and keep the Good faith till we all meet in heaven….

  2. Hi, I’m from SA as well. Lately I’ve dreamt of tornados repeatedly and also of a two part tidal wave with sand in them. I suspect the tornados represent an attack and the tidal wave revival. But what does the sand reprent? I am a seer.