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A New Normal? — 8 Comments

  1. Exactly what God is showing us also! I believe what your saying is true. Keep posting what God shows you! Be encouraged!

  2. If you are so sure that you are speaking for God why are you afraid to publish comments from someone that disagrees with you?

    • I have not purposely deleted anyone’s comments on this HKP site.  If there have been comments deleted, it is by someone else then me, perhaps the Keeper of this Site.  When the Word of God is received.  It will stand on its own merit.  If men disagree, they disagree with God.

  3. Top respect for speaking out against the evils of socialism.

    A Christian socialist is a paradox. God does not want us to be generous with other people’s money. He wants us to be generous with our our wealth.

    “Thou shalt not steal.” There is no small print.

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