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A Testimony to Prepare YOU for the End Times — 11 Comments

  1. Good morning Kevin,
    I am a Motswana (meaning i live in Botswana, Africa).
    I enjoyed reading on your experience of the Baptism of Fire, and I am sure GOD intends to do much much more through you.
    Funniest thing is the fact that I am undergoing the same process, and GOD wants only to talk to me and show me heaven.
    Sometimes I get scared of the things I see and hear HIM say because the Glory is blindingly brilliant, but I find no one to share such experience with.
    Now I hear you talk this way and I realise I am not the only end time warrior, but there are some out there stationed in different outposts awaiting a time when not only the trumpet will blow but the time when all will fall on their knees in response to the coming of the LORD.

  2. May the Lord bless you and give you even greater influence to share and prepare the Bride. I also feel the burden for the Bride of Christ. Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. We too are coming out of 7 years in the desert. We could have written what Adrian did – except we did not have any money to fall back on…it’s been literally week to week.  But God has provided for the NEEDS (not WANTS).  God has told us He is ready to put us to work for Him.  I (Gayle) have been working in a regular job, but God took Lee out of full time work for intense study and getting to know Him and the End Times.  We would love to hear from Kevin and any one else who is going through the same kind of experience.  You have permission to use our email address) Up until this time, I felt like we were the only ones.  Sounds like there may be a lot more of us out there!

  4. Isaiah 30:21 (NKJV)
    21 Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
    “This is the way, walk in it,”
    Whenever you turn to the right hand
    Or whenever you turn to the left.

  5. Hi Kevin.

    Im one of the ones on the “Backside of the desert” as it were.

    I know exactly what you are saying and where you are coming from.

    I have been reading a lot of the words here at this site for a couple of weeks.

    Many of which I could have written myself…been hearing the same warnings and words for quite some time now direct..but restrained from saying anything as the Lord is still finalising some things in my life and told me not to speak..yet.

    And so far..until now..the Lord has not inspired me to contact any of you. Thats changed this night.

    Time is short..OH so short. So..how can I contact you?

    Dont ask me why I need to..I have no idea…thats the Lords business..which I have learnt NOT to question but simply to obey.

    I need to talk to you. He knows why..and he always has good resons.

    Please email me at the email I used to post this comment.

    The admin of this site have my permission to give it to you.

    I have a feeling its quite vital at this stage that we speak.

  6. My wife and I are coming out of 7 yrs of desert.  We got paid out 27th September last year which was in line with a prophetic word for us of harvest, 9th wedding anniversary in the 9th month.  We haven’t sought work but have been pressing into God, have been fighting a battle in the spirit that wanted to kill us – we just got victory over that and believe we are about to step into what we are called to do preach, teach and bring a word in season and be prophetic voices to the nations.  And have supernatural provision for this.  Thank you so much for your accurate, timely father heart word. Much honour.

  7. Hi Kevin
    Thank you for mentioning your struggles in your preparation time, it gives me hope.
    I have been going through moments of doubt, because I cant really say that I have had any visitations or face to face meetings with the Lord. The Lord has miraculously healed me of cancer twice, so He must have a plan with me. But things have never been as hard as desperate as today.
    I have been following this site for some time and cant wait to get to it each day to see what the Lord confirms to me.
    Liza (South Africa)

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