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A Turnaround — 6 Comments

  1. YES!!!! Thank You Lord for this is the Hour of our TURNAROUND!! A NOW Confirming Word for the Body of CHRIST! We believe this Word & We Receive This Word NOW and we won’t wait for the Battle to be Over- We Shout Now & Praise You ABBA FATHER in ADVANCE!  GLORY TO OUR LIVING GOD!!!

  2. Please pray for my neice, a serious drug addict. Her life is in your hands Lord Jesus!! Please break her chains & set her free, praise you father, your a big God nothing is too big for you!!

    • It’s done. Just watch (in expectation) the transformation.
      Give all thanks and praises to the creator, because he will fulfill the desire (good will) of your heart by the mercies reached on the cross (by your son) for us.

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