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  1. Thanks brother, your articles have always been a source of inspiration and guidance for my life. Lately your articles have not been regular, hope all is well. The LORD will continue to resource you and your family IJN.

  2. Thank You my Brother! Praise God for this Powerful, Relevant & NOW word in this Hour!  I TOTALLY Agree with your statement that “True Success has everything to do with our Character.” So many tend to overlook the importance of Character, & especially “GODLY CHARACTER”-but It is a quality that is of utmost Important to God. We have all seen or even experienced Character and lack of Character on display for All to see, at some point in our lives….Thank the Lord, that HE loves us Too much to leave us in our mess, & desires for us to represent HIM- not only by using our Gifts & Talents, but More-so by exemplifying Godly Character.  The world may not think much of your character, but surely God does and will reward you for it.  HE gives us choices. Talent is a Gift, but Character is a Choice! ☝

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