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A Very Loud & Fast Moving Train is Coming! — 6 Comments

  1. Train Vision, 11/12/2016, L J Schmitz: In the morning of as I was waking I had a vision: I see a train beginning to make its way through a mountainous area.  I sense it is the “Trump” train.  There are snow-capped mountains in the distance.  The train is beginning to accelerate along the track, gathering immense speed as it goes.  It reminds me of a bullet train. 
    A) I watch railroad workers as they see the bullet train coming from the distance and rush to complete their unfinished section of the track before the train arrives.  They have the manpower and the skill to accomplish the task if they hurry and stay focused. 
    B) Other parts of the track ahead of the approaching bullet train have junk scattered over them in certain areas, and railroad workers see the debris and rush to clear the track before the bullet train passes.  Clearly understanding the importance of speedy and thorough work, they show remarkable teamwork and skill to accomplish their urgent task in time. 
    C) My attention is then drawn to a section of the track several miles down the track that is adjacent to an ominous looking snow covered mountain slope.  It is an area with high avalanche danger.  It appears that an avalanche is almost ready to begin and could arrive just before the train, thus causing the train to be destroyed.  I see Almighty God place His hand over the avalanche danger area, thus preventing the avalanche from beginning and effectively keeping the train safe.
    Then I hear the Lord say, “I will NOT allow this train to derail!  I will make sure it remains safe and is allowed to run its course, regardless of the potential dangers.  It will NOT derail!” says the Lord.

  2. Bro Hagin’s singers had a song from the late 80’s, i think, said: ” get in. Get out. or get run over.” yawser yawser

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