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      • I have been following Zion oil for several years now. Lately I have been thinking that I should buy some. I lost a lot of money in the last crash And I’ve been afraid to put any money into the stock market. So I started asking God if I should buy Zion oil stock now. The first confirmation I got was when Dave Scarlet of Grace and Glory Mentioned Zion oil and now the niece of Zion oil is in a post of a prophet I had never heard of until tonight Now I need to ask God how much I should buy. Hope he gets back to me by Monday morning. God bless you and God bless your uncle and his endeavor to find gas and oil in Meddigo.

  1. For consideration, Ezekiel was shown the valley of dry bones. The bones were the WHOLE House of Israel. He was told that The Lord would put His Spirit in them and that they SHALL live.
    But The Israeli state and The House of Israel are NOT the same thing!
    The House of Israel consisted of 12 Tribes.
    The tribe/ descendants of Judah were known as Judahites and this name was shortened to the term Jew.
    All the other tribes’ descendants are not Jews in the genealogical sense.
    Let’s also remember that a Jew in God’s eyes is one who has had HEART circumcision. A true follower of the True King of Judah, Jesus the Anointed One.
    But The Lord has said that The WHOLE House of Israel SHALL live. It’ll be in His Timing in His Way. He is Sovereign over ALL. In understanding that we become ISRAEL ( GOD RULES ).
    He makes vessels of honour AND dishonour in His Restorative plan. Hallelujah. We become CHOSEN when He chooses us as individuals and draws us by His Spirit to follow HIM.

  2. It came to me just now that, there are those who are called back into the governments of the world especially America and the U.K.  as agents for the evil agenda, paid and used to speak to the people, often these people are former leaders/ people of influence….It Occurred to me that Bibi will return ( under Gods authority) to destroy the evil agenda which is now taking place. Amen.

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem….Pray for Benjamin Netanyahu.

  3. In order to have the anointings of Ezekiel or Jeremiah, one must surely be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to receive the Holy Spirit in this way one must surely first become being a born-again believer in Jeshua? This prophecy for Benjamin Netanyahu is at least consistent with Paul’s prophecy in Romans 11:26 that all Israel will be saved, and so it may pertain to a future where Benjamin Netanyahu is among the first to proclaim Jeshua. 

    As for the present, Benjamin Netanyahu has been promoting the globalist agenda of vaccination.  Respected scientific and medical voices warning of its dangers are generally being silenced.  Very few of the prophets have spoken out about something which has potential implications for the destiny of the whole of mankind and not just for that of a single man.  No one can tell the prophets what to prophesy, but as the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets [1 Corinthians 14:32], I wonder if some of the more difficult words are being withheld, either by a silencing or a self-silencing also at the prophetic level?

  4. Brethren, the words of the Lord are YES And AMEN! God always watch over His word to make sure it comes to PASS! Days can be years in his sight. Is there anything too hard for the Lord to do? Our Human interpretation of God’s prophecy through his servants can never change the originality of the message & what God intends to do. Ours is to WATCH & PRAY! God bless you all. Thank you prophetess Veronika. More Anointing

  5. Sorry. These Mantles that you soeak of hsve already been placed….on Trump.  Bibi was part of the globalist/zionist agenda that is being dismantled. He was used. Now he’s gone. Get over it.

  6. Romans 9:6 But it is not as though the word of God has failed. For not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel,
    This verse will become very important in the days ahead. For all who are pretending in the church and the world.
    Some things to think about.

    • I agree David.
      I have also pondered that it is recorded in scripture that Israel placed his name on the sons of JOSEPH and not the sons of Judah.

  7. Father I’m so grateful that failure doesn’t exist within you.
    I believe You will pull it off perfectly.
    I LOVE You Father, let Your Good and Perfect Will be done :)

  8. Absolutely! When I saw that today Bibi was replaced after many years, I felt that like Trump, he will be back soon.  This so called coalition will not last. They is no cohesion between them.  They are too far apart in ideology. There will be another election, maybe after Trump is restored in a few months. Trump and Bibi will be shaking hands again and their destinies fulfilled.

    • Agree with you Mark! I read Veronika’s post in a fb group and shared this …

      Yes! PM Netanyahu’s tenure is not over … He and President Trump are the Lord’s ‘appointed’ ones. The Lord revealed some things to my prayer partner and I on our call last Friday and yesterday. The newly sworn in coalition government will experience disharmony, disunity amongst themselves and their inability to handle certain events will leave them vulnerable. Why God allows things? He is God and He knows the end from the beginning … EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE!
      Praying for Israel and America
      Hannah and Jemimah from Calcutta India

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