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Acceleration Is Coming — 4 Comments

  1. Am so blessed​…. I needed this so much….

    So apt to what pase of life i was going through…

    This really helps ….
    I badly needed this .. thanks and praise be to God Who is so faithful…

  2. Awesome Words, Spoken deep within my Spirit. Thank you Father God !!
    Hallelujah !!! I Receive your Words !! Thank you Jesus !!!!! Hallelujah !!!!

  3. Great ! While I read these words, I am in a train… :-)
    I was so long not wearing my 8 year old but still beautiful dress with palm branches on it, in purple, white, green. An hour ago I felt I MUST go to where I must go this evening. I knew I must arise and do a special visitation to some Muslim friends that go back to Yugoslawia tomorrow. Their ancestors are directly from Mekka and Ryadh, Saudi Arabia. Kind and intelligent people who value the Holy Bible as well as the Quran. My son said when I left: “You look very beautiful, Mama”. His girlfriend from Australia (Swiss mom) said: “You smell so good”. I grabbed my best scarf in white-gold, put on white sandals, so I really look like a bride tonight :-) What a confirmation when I read your encourageing words. Sorry for unperfect grammar… I also highly sense the acceleration… God bless you, dear Doug.

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