Vision Regarding the Future of the American Church


In December 2016, I was given a vision regarding the future of the American church.

I saw a group of people standing close together in a form of a circle.  They were talking and getting along just fine.

A veil began to fall gently from the sky above.  It landed softly and covered the entire group, down to their knees.  They continued to chat amongst themselves, and seemed to pay no mind.

I then zoomed out and saw that from a distance, an army was approaching.  It was enemy, and they began to encircle the group under the veil, from afar.  They slowly began to close in, but the group did not notice.  Soon the enemy closed in and engulfed the group, and destroyed them.

I inquired to the Lord regarding what I had been shown, and the Lord answered and said that the group under the veil was the church.

He said;  “Because they have chosen man over me, they will go into battle believing that I AM with them, but I will not be with them, and many will perish.”

He spoke of two kings: Ahab and Zedekiah.

He continued by telling me that a war was coming, and that the Christians will be blamed for the cause.

The LORD said that He had to allow all these things to happen, because He must judge the church first.

I shared this vision during my interview with ‘Tribulation Now’ in late December 2016.  Very few believed me…

Now the war bells are ringing, and the church is blinded by the veil.


Shabbat Shalom
~ Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

Mena Lee GrebinMena Lee Grebin of Faithful Walk Healing Ministries operates in the office of a prophet, ministers, counsels, mentors and prays for anyone who is in need of Christ’s eternal love.  Her purpose is to bring His {Jesus Christ} truth and light to a lost generation.

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