All Glory and Honor and Power Belongs to ME!


“All glory and honor and power belongs to Me.

I AM coming with such force that it will sweep people most literally off their feet in some cases.

They won’t know what happened to them!  Just like Gabe and Kevin got apprehended, it will come.

IT WILL come with a gale force wind of My Spirit and NOTHING will be able to stop it. People who have been resistant will melt.  The stony hearts will be softened if they do not resist Me.

They dare not speak against those I pour it out on.  For I AM zealous for a Bride that is single eyed in their love for ME and their service to MY KINGDOM.

You have not seen the half of what I have for those called according to My purposes.

I AM so delighted to be able to finally pour out My Spirit in this way.  I have longed to capture the nations and to tear down the kingdoms of despotisms and hatred.

All heaven is on RED alert!  They are excited to see what is about to happen in the perfecting of the Bride and the tsunami of souls that will come into this harvest.

Mighty angels have been loosed to prepare and help in the harvest.  Throngs of
people will be captivated by the things I do in My Beloveds.

I AM sweeping through the nations with a giant sickle, and the healing and miracles will increase to such an extent as to cause pandemonium.  People will be frightened by some of the things I do.

THAT is why I have prepared, and prepared, and humbled your hearts, that you might be able to do what I WANT, without it going to your head and the pride of your heart, as in past generations.

The nations are going through groanings and birthing painsand I will send you to many, many nations to prepare the hearts of My people for ME.

There is so much death and deception that must be overcome.  I want MY SPIRIT poured out freely, without hindrance.

That is the other reason.  How can I pour it out through unclean vessels, who have no idea the depth of My love?

I will send you out in teams that you won’t be alone, just as I sent apostolic teams in the early days of the birth of My church, I will do it again and they will be ONE in the Spirit, that NOTHING can stop what I do.

Multicultural, multiethnic, multiracial teams will go forth to proclaim MY idea of unity and love, hope and peace to the nations.

You will demonstrate what it is to get along,that others might take notice.

Many people from different churches, and broken backgrounds will go to declare the TRUTH of MY LOVE and DEMONSTRATE MY POWER and LOVE to the whole of mankind.


As the Bride comes forth, there will be as a sign, apostolic marriages that will signal that I am becoming ONE with My Bride.

You can’t imagine how much I love you, for I know the depths also of what YOU are capable of.

I have ordered it and I will bring everything into place in it’s time. Worship Me with abandonment for I AM close at hand!”  [I shook hard in the spirit at this last statement]

Given to me December 23, 2003 by Holy Spirit.


~ Priscilla

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