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America: A Poignant Now Prophetic Word! — 8 Comments

  1. Thankyou for this amazingly powerful prophecy.Have listened to your interview and feel greatly challenged to pray for Donald Trump.The hatred spewed out by his enemies is definitely satanically inspired.Much prayer is needed on our part to bring this amazing prophecy to pass.If Satan cannot destroy him politically then we need to pray a hedge of Divine protection around him and his family as there could well be attempts on his life.We declare in Jesus’s name no weapon formed against him will prosper and may God speak into the ashes of his situation and raise this man up into his destiny.Much prayer is needed in the coming days.Thankyou and God bless you

  2. I first heard you Veronika on Paul Oebel. These interviews were gold. Will you ever post on Truth Social? God bless you and thank you for your courage and loyality. Praying for Trump everyday.

  3. Thank you!  I can sure learn a lot about what it is like to be a prophet.  Maybe encouraging, due to the rejection and mocking?  It seems that in the shaking, will not be easy, but difficult, thus the shaking, the cutting, and almost death of the tree.  It will be painful, but when the lion roars and eagle soars things are rebuilt, hopefully where God gets the glory.  In all this, and looking around, I wonder when the Father is coming back.  It almost seems like birthing pains as well, in this shaking.  People now are ‘hungy’ for the word, and hungry for food.  This is an amazying time that we are in.  I am going to have to listen again.  God Bless…btw how do I find your other videos/words?

  4. Thank you dear beautiful woman of God!!
    I listened and meditated on this word when it came out.
    I’ve waited patiently for Him to act while being stretched and threshed and refined in the All Consuming Fire of His Love……NOW I will see the Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living!!
    Great is His Faithfulness!! :D

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