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  1. Yess the U.S. is NOW UNDER the Seal of PLAGUES in Exodus chapters 7-11. PLAGUES of nationalization…1. Shedding and taking of innocent BLOOD Matthew 24:10 decades of civil unrest due to racism injustice…At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other,

    The plagues are: water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts (WEATHER CONDITIONS: earthquakes, tsunami, tornados, hail storms and CA fire storms, hot, hot weather of heatwaves will manifest. Livestock of supplies food and water shall be limited to none, fights will break out to killings with limited law enforcement to assist, pestilence of inserts, & locust are in high making. Darkness of blackouts, shortages shall hit US and countries, globally and the killing of firstborn children will be aborted, terminated before birth) THIS will unleash GOD’S WRATH and JUDGEMENT upon workers of iniquity.
    There are PEOPLE in disguise (whistleblowers) will EXPOSE this administration as THOSE expose TRUMP. There is a reason GOD ALLOW fossils to tear the waterfront. He has a PLAN there are too many prophecies LEFT and RIGHT. It is no ONE business to figure out for what the LORD has in store.

  2. God bless and keep you strong and at peace in Him! I also stand with you and God”s true prophets and weep for those who so easily fall away. I have and will continue to stand in the gap, interceding and repenting for mine own and the sins committed by our nation. My heart breaks now as I openly weep for our nation and the impact this judgement will have on us and the world. Even so, I hold fast to God”s Word and promises. I pray God”s cleansing will be swift and thorough. Please continue to gift us in your calling to serve as God”s prophet. His words thru you bless and bring me hope and joy. Much love to you in Christ Jesus❤️

  3. Thank you and bless you, Veronika for not giving up on America.  We are standing on the Word, for the battle is the Lord’s.  I appreciate that you added Mario’s word as well.  When Bush was running against Clinton, I prayed continually for Bush to win but the Lord showed me when I asked Him to change the hearts of people to vote for Bush, He said no, that he wanted to see the hearts of the people.  The night of the election, as I was praying for someone, I immediately started asking Him to forgive me for not praying and He told me not to worry, those who voted for righteousness sake he would protect and take care of.  So we here are 20+ years later, God will take take care of us and give us the victory, this battle is not over, God WINS!!!

  4. Thank you for standing and I’m standing with you! I don’t know why Mario believes this to be an atheistic move. The body seems to thing atheism is our main opponent as paganism screams to leadership in every mountain worldwide. If we are going to take down the giants we will need to understand what they are. Atheism is just a spoke in the wheel of a much larger demonic force. The return to the old gods is what we face and if we don’t even believe they exist, ever existed or work the plan of the antichrist spirit, how can we stand up to what is really happening? At some point we have to learn our own history and address the realities of the kingdom of darkness. We can’t pretend it isn’t there and go after each little distraction it sets in front of us. The church has got to learn that the biblical world view is much bigger than most of us have been taught. Thank you for standing.

  5. Veronika, I do agree with you & Mario Murillo!  Stand Firm, you , Mario & others like you heard from God, & you are to be praised for standing true!


    Those Christians who voted for Biden will reap in tears their sin!
    The Living God hate’s abortion, the murder of preborn & newborn babies!
    The Living God calls homosexuality & transgenderism sin… an abomination! 
    The Living God will judge those that chose Communism.. Marxism!  Because the Living God gives FREEDOM!

    These Christians have judged God, & HE now finds them wanting!  I am angry at these pseudo-Christians!
    Angry for the babies that will die, the children that will be taught sexual perversion, abused by perverts!  For the children that will be taught the religion of Satan.. Islam!
    I am angry for every God fearing soldier who will die because of this wicked man, called Joe Biden & Jezebel Kamala Harris! 
    But the Living God is still on His throne & HE will have His way!

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