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  1. Yes and Amen!  I am standing for America from Texas, despite the pressure to concede my convictions. My faith is increased in my hearing of the Lord, including the words of His prophets, such as you. Thank you for continuing to “in” courage us!  God wins.  Victory! Victory! Victory!  Let the nations be blessed.

  2. Veronica, your prophetic words encourage me more than you will ever know.  It is so obvious that your heart is pure.  Please continue sharing what God puts on your heart.  He is at work and my trust is in Him.

  3. I’m sorry Veronika, don’t agree with Mario.  The blame for Christians who voted for Biden should be put on the majority of pastors and priests in USA.  They are the ones who have not told their congregations the truth about our government wickedness and military industrial complex and medical complex crimes. Vaccines that inject the children with toxic disease/evil that Jesus died to overcome, 9/11 false flag perpetrated by our government, Vietnam war, and two gulf wars that were done to protect the oil and dollar and CIA drug running Interests, and on and on. Have you heard a pastor speak about these truths. If people blindly voted for socialism then it is the pastors fault.
    And Trump is one of those one world order puppets. Look at the pork bill he just passed. He has a lot of talk but his actions have failed our country. Where are the pastors to protect the flock.
    Thank you Veronika for you heart for God. I appreciate you very much and pray for you. Joanie Vrooman

    • I disagree with you!  Ppl have the truth, the Word of God, & they choose to follow those who tickle their ears with lies!

      Yes, we have gross unBiblical truth & immorality in the church.  And yes, God will judge the church & clean house!

      But while the pastors that didn’t tell their flock the truth were wrong, those ppl CHOSE those churches!  And I don’t believe those ppl are Christian. 
      Anyone who stand FOR abortion & says it’s acceptable, is saying God is a liar!  God is against murder!  The Bible itself tells them the TRUTH!  The Bible is there to instruct, teach, lead & give us wisdom!  While you should go to church, NO pastor can contradict Gods Word!  And those that voted Biden/Harris knew they were both ungodly!  If you voted for Joe Ahab Biden & Kamala Jezebel Harris, you voted AGAINST GOD!

  4. BLESS YOU dear Veronika for standing fast in what you KNOW you saw and heard and not back peddling with a message explaining away All he said over these months to you. . Bless you for the RAW courage it takes to be part of His army!!!

  5. Amen Jennifer there are people in faith and standing firm all over the world. The miracle that will’ shock and awe’ will come soon, the legitimate President will be back where he belongs, the corruption will be unmasked and justice and righteousness will have their day.

  6. Beauty for ashes…The Oil of Joy for mourning ….The Garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness…Trees of Righteousness…The Planting of The Lord….That He might be glorified….incoming.

  7. GIDEON’S 300

    Bring them down to the River
    And there do watch them drink
    I’m looking for sons of Issachar
    For Zadok priests that are in synch
    With the Yearnings of My Spirit
    Who’ll flow with the Way I Think
    One’s who recognize the Day of Visitation
    And allow the Spirit and the Word to Link
    To show forth My Manifold Wisdom
    To the angels watching from above
    To the ones who once had to choose between
    The anointed cherub and the One Who Is Love


    The devil’s been lying to his angels
    Assuring them victory is on its way
    Why once they bring down America
    What can stand against what they say
    But there’s three hundred vessels of Honor
    Three hundred pots of clay
    Through brokenness ready to show forth a Light
    That will Arise Shine and carry the Day
    They won’t be running for office
    They won’t be pandering to man
    They’ll be running after the devil
    Standing on the Rock not sinking sand
    They’ll eat bread from the Table of Shewbread
    And drink water that’s been turned into Wine
    They’ll be trees whose leaves are for Healing
    And the confusion they bring will be Divine

  9. i believe in the Holy One…
    Never put a mask on, Psalm 91 is my only mask…
    i believe like the same Holy One that never lies and NEVER changes…
    The One that saved a prophet with a whale just because he didn’t follow His plan… The One that raised a dead man after he was stinking but had losen and released as Lazarus got new clothes and removed the grave clothes…
    i will believe that BELIEVERS will see many things we have ever seen…

    Selah… Amen…SO BE IT!!!
    In the Name of The Mashiach Ha YAHshua…

    Be Blessed Sister…

  10. Stand fast Veronika! I remind your critics of Gabriel’s response to Zechariah, the future father of John the Baptist in Luke 1:

    19 The angel said to him, “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news. 20 And now you will be silent and not able to speak until the day this happens, because you did not believe my words, which will come true at their appointed time.”

    Oh, that the doubters would be silenced until the appointed time.

  11. Father We thank you for giving us eyes to see and ears to Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church! We need Your Wisdom and Discernment of Spirits like never before because there are Many voices speaking in the Earth- especially NOW. For there shall arise false christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.’ Matthew 24:24.☝

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