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  1. Today, this afternoon, I asked the Lord to go with me to The Sound of Freedom, I just got home and was led to this post. I’ve never been impacted by a movie more than this one. I ordered the last seat available in the theater. The entire audience sat in silence when it was over, no one moved and all were in shock and tears. My God, that’s all I can say. I headed straight to my daughter’s and hugged my grandchildren, which bore an insane striking resemblance to the young boy and girl being rescued. I pled with the Lord to leave no stone unturned. Expose it all!! He will. He’s preparing the people for what’s soon to be fully disclosed. God help us, God help our children!! God forgive us!!

  2. This word “Wage war with My covenant and win” resonates with those who follow Dutch Sheets. Lately we are praying together and decreeing the covenant prayer of Robert Hunt, the Chaplain who landed in Virginia in 1607. Thank you Veronika.

  3. Toward the end of this word I misread the “works of wickedness” as “woke of wickedness”. I wonder if that was a GOD misreading?

  4. “America, see for I have set you as a Signet Ring, the sign that I am now Rebuilding, Restoring and Reforming The Nations of the earth.  Watch, as My Hand of Justice and Righteousness now moves to bring this Nation full circle.”

    This hit me! I remember reading a few years ago that God would be harvesting souls and I knew that that meant spiritual warfare.  I’ve been seeing 777 a lot since then as well.

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