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America: The Bubble Will Burst! — 5 Comments

  1. Our God is a Man of War! HE rains confusions on the enemies & frustrates their evil devices. Thank you Lord for what you have done & set to do to the camps of the enemies!

  2. Watch Kenya. Obamas homeland is going through an election, Obamas distant relative Odinga, who has been responsible for bloodshed in that land since the sixties promoting communism is running against former village evangelist and staunch Christian William Ruto.
    Odinga is a Soviet trained saboteur who is virulently against Christianity and has chosen an openly Atheist running mate.
    I say watch.
    The international Socialist edifice is falling, and the Lord has decided to start there in Kenya. Watch.

  3. Judgement is coming.
    It is time for every man to get to know the Lord Jesus and to take refuge in His Hand

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