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America: The Rain Dance of Revival! REVIVAL! — 6 Comments

  1. Please this is totally off the topic and all that but as we rejoice with the new dawn of America let’s Pray for
    Boeing Co. the plane manufacturer in America. Looks like a spiritual sabotage on the economy of America and its heritage.

  2. SOO many beautiful puzzle peices. This morning has been a feast!!!!
    The Lord, for some time now, has been speaking to me about the 31 lengths with which Secretariat took the “Tripple Crown” race in the 70’s against the lead contender “Sham” (A thing that is not what it is purported to be) The score in favor of the Chiefs last night….31-20!!!! Secratariats Sire….”Bold Ruler”!!! The mate’s name….”Something Royal”!!!! Is God good or what!!!!
    Praise Your Beautiful Name Lord Jesus!!!! Pour down The Rain Lord!!!

  3. I hope that’s the case, but as is common knowledge, rain only comes by way of a STORM, i.e. Darkness, Wind, Lightning. May His People be PREPARED for the Storm ahead, and that God’s Manchild will be ready to Serve as His Teachers of Righteousness to the victims of what is about to fall on this nation!

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