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  1. Amen C. Gill.  It is sad seeing that many are deceived in this very hour, & the word if God also speaks about that jn the last days, the love if many shall wax cold.  However, you are speaking TRUTH in spite of.  Let us pray for idol worshippers.

    • Has it occurred to you that you might possibly be one of the many that’s “deceived”? Or do you believe the works POTUS has done for Israel, religious freedom, pro-life & minorities, etc are motivated by Satan? POTUS publicly gave glory to God for his healing. This is a quote from President Trump, “ Pointing to the sky he said “sometimes we need help from the boss”. What other President do you recall that has been so bold to make such public statements about God? For the record, we’re not “idol worshippers”. We simply recognize God’s Hand & anointing are on the President. Blessing flows from the head to the toes, not the other way around.

  2. Dear Almighty God, You see all things. You are watching how we vote during this 2020 election. My family voted for Trump and against baby killing ballot measures and politicians who support this evil! God Bless President Donald J. Trump and all those who want to make America great again! God, Country, Family! Amen and Thank You Jesus!

  3. Brother Jacob, this word bears witness with what the Holy Spirit has been showing me for sometime. Oddly enough, yours is the second word today I have heard confirming I wasn’t mistaking what I was hearing. Amen! Many people, Christians included do not like President Trump’s character. That makes wonder if that is one of the reasons God choose him? I mean is He trying to see if we would recognize His purposes being carried out by such an abrasive & unlikeable (to some) man? Would we professing Christians ignore President Trump’s godly purpose in favor of our offended feelings? I pray your word removes scales from some of my brothers & sisters eyes!

    • Bro Jacob

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on America’s upcoming election!

      You mentioned the six things that God hates. From the list in Scriptures, these are characteristics of Donald Trump: A proud look, a lying tongue, a heart that devises wicked plans, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among bretherns.

      Are we to ignore”…works of darkness [such as . . . sexual perversion, marriage perversion of Donald Trump], but rather expose them [VOTE against them!].

      The Scriptures you present to confirm
      and prove what God told you contradicts why you say “vote for Trump”.

      I trust the Hand and the Plan of God.

      I pray you are truly hearing from God.

      • C. Gill, if you are trying to justify to yourself that voting for the democrats is not satanic, then God will hold you accountable for your choices.

        In Jesus’ time on Earth, many people were fooled by the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Many people followed the Pharisees and the Sadducees over Jesus. They no doubt tried to convince themselves that the lies the Pharisees and the Sadducees told about Jesus were true. They no doubt tried to convince themselves that they were right to oppose Jesus.

        The media today are today’s Pharisees and Sadducees. Do not be fooled by the liars. God makes the truth more obvious with every passing day. One party supports nine month abortion, the other party opposes abortion. One party supports globalism and the ushering in of Satan’s one world government, the other supports the sanctity of nations as ordained by God. One party supports increased government control and reduced personal freedom, the other party supports less government control and more personal freedom. One party is making it illegal for churches to open, the other party supports the individual right of worship. God is shining a light on the evil of the democrats. If you refuse to see that and deceive yourself with, ‘but orange man bad!’ then God will hold you accountable for ignoring his message.

        C. Gill, I will pray that God humbles your heart and shows you the truth.

      • I have sincere questions, C. Why do people ignore all the truly heinous dirt & machinations that have been perpetrated against the President & we the people? Why is it so easy to disregard & overlook those six things DO apply to the left? To whom do contribute the things President Trump has done: fighting for life, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, fighting for religious freedom, lifting up the value of work, protecting our borders, etc? I won’t even list all the things he’s done for minorities that can easily be found with a search on the internet. The only thing I can attribute it such blindness to is Bro Jacob’s word. Please help me understand your pov. The Israeli Jews believe & have stated President Trump has been the greatest friend of Israel than even his predecessors. Do you attribute POTUS’ works to Satan?

      • C.
        Please watch this short video and educate yourself and others.
        “2020-2024 PROPHECIES: Lies About the Election Exposed ~ Urgent Interview w/ Cioccolanti & Peck”

        Please, please let The LORD open your spiritual eyes to see the Truth of what He is doing through his broken vessels…

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