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  1. That’s exactly how it works: Finger pointing, gossip, slander against a person. When that one person stands his / her ground, for example, after a divorce, there are some who “love” finger pointing and remebering former years or decades. If that one person starts to explain for vindication or to set things right, some nevertheless want to stop evil gossip. With these hypocrtitical methods they can cripple others. And yes, there is a bad, deeply evil purpose in the Anti-Christ system: If they can’t control people, they want to kill them. Thank GOD, not everybody has that evil mindset.
    JESUS CHRIST Himself said: If you hate your brother / your sister, you ARE a murderer. There is no ranking list of bigger sins or smaller sins. Liars are in the same row with murderers or child molesters. It is written in the HOLY Word of GOD. Sister, I thank you for your words of understanding and wisdom. ALL people who say they are Christians, should pray THE LORD’S PRAYER with seriousness and on their knees.

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