America: Warning to the State of Nevada


A Warning to the State of Nevada with two earthquakes on May 5, and May 8, 2016. Epicenters rattle Burning Man site.

The Man of God prophesied when the LORD spoke on March 20, 2016, that God will surely judge the USA State of Nevada, of its vile practices and open worship of satan and all ungodliness that is allowed to take place in Nevada.

Extremes of evil have now become the normal lifestyle, and God indeed has singled out this place to judge it and establish His righteous voice, of the Holy God of Israel.

Thus, this developing prophecy is even weightier in a sense, since when judgement was declared on Nevada.  After just a week passed, the LORD has essentially spoken louder in the two earthquakes that have judged and warned Nevada in advance, in a message to satan compromisers, who have already planned to honour the devil in pagan ceremonies that trace back to Baal worship.

Indeed the LORD has spoken.  Two earthquakes in only three days, is just a clear and deathly warning to satanic attendees who will gather in this religious ritual festival.

The Black Rock Desert is known as the site of the annual “Burning Man” counter-culture festival.  In this orgy festival, the Devil and all his followers are fascinated with fire and things burning.  This is easy to understand, as Hell is filled with fire and those there will burn forever and ever.

The ironic twist to it all, is that the devil himself will burn in the fires of his own Hell.  These indeed are evil days, where, in a literal sense, the dark underworld of satan will dramatically rise and assume a larger and larger role in our everyday society.

But Nevada, like many other US states, like many other Nations, like many other cultures, has openly rebelled in oblivion of existence of a true and righteous God of heaven and earth.

Everything that the Burning Man festivals stand for, is described in the Bible as things that God hates.  False gods, idol worship, the groves.  All these things incurred God’s wrath on the practitioners.

All those who practice these abominations and spit in the face of the Holy God of Israel, will one day soon feel the wrath that fell upon the people of Noah’s day, in the flood, and Lot’s day, with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo is the founder of Heart Revival Network  International, Kenya  and a Prophetic Endtime Minister of the Gospel.  He preaches in Crusades, open air and Revival meetings.  The LORD continuously shows him concerning apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride to fit into the Wedding of the Lamb, according to Revelation 19:7-8.

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