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    The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence
    And the violent take it by Force
    A terrible Army With Banners
    About to run her course
    She’ll come with a Rod to Establish
    The Father’s Heart Desires
    She’ll be less than very well disposed
    Towards all those busy strange fires
    She’ll pray according to His Will
    And knows that she’ll be Heard
    For she’ll be Clothed and Possessed
    By the Eternal Living Word

  2. Yes! This bears witness in my spirit . It was prophesied recently in September and today I have hearing the word earthquake in my Spirit all day Today. The Shaking has Already Started…Lord let the Great Awakening Begin!  Lord Have Mercy on Your People!

  3. I had the same exact word from the Lord. People will say a shaking is coming and many shall say revival are coming. They are both right. For Gods people we will see an elevation and revival. Others a great shaking. Prophets are giving words of revival and some judgement but the Lord told me both are right at the same time.

  4. I have felt a trembling in my spirit; a sickness and grief in my spirit these past few weeks.  I know what you speak out is true and it will happen; very soon.  I pray for the Lord to remember His mercy and give grace to His sons and daughters during the weeks ahead.  God forgive us and God bless Your people in America and around the world as the sharing will have a great ripple affect; touching many nations.  Amen and amen.

  5. I’m not sure which one comes first, but I saw a 9.8 in Arkansas in a dream a couple of years back. It will literally shake the whole earth. Things are going to be very interesting in America in the years to come. I suspect with the hearings that LA will come first though.

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