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  1. yes , i do believe we have to stock up on cans of juice and beans sweetbeans and soup spam and cornbeef,canfruits,canbeets,god show my sister the same things i do believe god show you that!keepwarning gods people but also keepthe body of christ in prayerthat we will have the money to buy all we are in need and more

  2. I have a different thought about your dream…

    First, the McDonald’s was to your left. I believe that represents the “left” in our country, not just the political party itself but the belief system that goes with it.

    The McDonald’s, then, represents the fast food, junk food—from the left—that we have been consuming and we will now abandon.

    It was attached to a gas station, meaning that this franchise was fueling our economy. Again, it was abandoned, and grown up in weeds.

    Yes, this change from “feeding” on junk, with no respect given to what we are ingesting—food, information, etc.—will cause some very unstable times. But the turning away from the chaotic, “fast-food junk” that the left has been feeding us will result in great good, after all is said and done. 

    This junk food has not made healthy bodies or minds in our people. It is right for us to seek food, both physical and spiritual, that will truly nourish our bodies and minds—and this will bring a good outcome.

  3. Amen! God bless you, Sister Mena Lee Jones! I understand and believe, we must test the spirits, preparing with godly wisdom, through the Holy Ghost. We must finish the race strong, knowing that Jesus Christ is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

    Thank you, for sharing what the Lord God has imparted to and for you to inform His people. I will be praying dear Sister in Jesus Christ, God bless you.

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