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  1. HERE is another facet of this gem about the 10 virgin’s.
    5 desperate for Jesus, the other 5 lazy.
    The Holy Spirit gleaned for the Word,
    Spending precious time in the Secret Place and being promoted into His Courts breathed a depth that have no human words.
    He is the Oil & the Wick is mankind, the worm the prophets spoke of.
    To Trim the Wick is to repent, keep short accounts with Jesus so your flame burns ever brighter.
    Less repenting leads to a dull small flame because the Wick hasn’t been trimmed and eventual goes out.

  2. Inside Christianity after the tares and the wolves have been dealt with there remain two distinct churches. Both believe in Jesus one group is waiting for Jesus to come and deliver them from all their problems, the other group is anointed with the same anointing that Jesus was anointed with and by faith (believing what Jesus’ words say) take Jesus’ words and sow them in their hearts and the man Jesus is born in them Gal 4 19 is a reality. Born again, Born of the Spirit take your pick this group is not concerned with the return of Jesus He lives and dwells with them every day. Just a side note not trying to be rude but driving home a point If you think your rapture is close at hand in and you are not on your deathbed refusing healing you will be disappointed. Think of the parable of the Good Samaritan (Jesus) He gave the inn keeper (the Holy Spirit) 2 pence (2000 years) how old was Jesus when He did this for His lost brother (Adam) and all His seed think about the lineage of Jesus out of Luke begins with Adam and ends with Jesus we do not look forward to our redemption (old test) we are born in the time of the finished work of redemption believing in your heart and opening your mouth and speaking

  3. There’s a hidden mystery to the 10 virgin-parabel and the oil. People need to dig deep and pray for wisdom and insight.

    It has to do with the fruits of the Spirit, as olives are a fruit.
    Olive trees are also the young sons at a father’s table (psalms).

    The oil is pressed from olives. Thus, it doesn’t come naturally in that form, it has to be pressed. Once it flows, it has to be gathered and collected and stored in the correct way and containers. Then a wick has to be put inside this oil, and trimmed.

    Then, the most important bit, there must be EXTRA stored oil, to be a wise virgin.

    The foolish virgins also had oil, they had lamps, they too were expecting and waiting for the Bridegroom to come. They believed He was on His way. They thought themselves ready with a lamp, a wick, oil in their lamp.

    So what did they lack? The EXTRA oil. Not the original oil in the lamp, that they had. They didn’t have the EXTRA oil.

    Now put ALL of that together with the fact that Jesus is the Son at His Father’s table, AND He is the Spirit of Prophecy.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Praise God, in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! God bless you, beloved Minister Elizabeth Marie! I receive this Word and Message from the Lord, for we are truly in the hour of the return of Jesus Christ, the Heavenly Bridegroom and Blessing to Hope, to the Bride of Christ. Jesus is Coming.

    I say that respectfully, there many with spiritual heart conditions and will not let Jesus perform the surgery, calling the warnings of God, dooom and gloom messages, refusing to repent, but rather sadly desiring to clinge to the world, to the prosperity of the world.

    What is sad, that many know the Way, know to repent, but rather live in the sin, aware of the sins, but choose to wallow in it. Some people, lost, lukewarm and backslidden, turn the other way literally, when I witness or talk to them about Jesus, in disgust, but claim to be a true believer in the Lord. Jesus truly sees our heart and will Judge us accordingly.  Many call believers in Christ judges, when we share the raw infallible Word of Gid with them, for it is the Word of God, the Living Word, the Two Edged Sword that cuts and convicts them of their sins, not the Christian witnessing. God bless you, Minister Elizabeth Marie, for I’m praying for the 5 wise virgins, the 5 foolish virgins and the list souls. Peace and Blessings, much love, much respect!❤

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