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Run With Your King into The Place of Unbridled Joy! — 5 Comments

  1. “When I act, who can reverse it?”

    Oh, how beautiful is that?

    And not only beautiful, it also answered a question I haven’t even fully formed yet, let alone bring to Him in prayer, about something someone said and I saw last night.

    It very much sounded to me like he meant something that God did, could be “undid”. And here I receive the answer even before asking. NO ONE can do such a thing. So I don’t have to mind what that person said, it’s impossible. Thank you Father!

  2. Amen! Lord Jesus our great and wonderful God,
    You alone make nothing into something,
    bring light to the darkness
    Then in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
    We are totally victorious, victorious!
    Jesus Christ has conquered the world
    This is the Father’s world

  3. Amen!主耶稣我们伟大的奇妙神,

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