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Attack — A Great Shaking — Washington D.C. — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve gotten tired of hearing how bad America is.  It is the government that we did NOT vote in, it’s the sick people who have infultrated everything and are trying to take over.  That/they are NOT the majority!  I want every evil being/person to pay for what they have done to America, and the good, God-loving people spared.  There have been far worse countries for decades that have done terrible things.

  2. This confirms much of what I have been speaking about lately.
    I have also recently posted some things on my Facebook and screenshot them as I am not 100% sure of them.
    I wasn’t sure where but I did feel like there is going to be a false flag somewhere and I got 2 more specific words. 1 being 2 strikes and you’re out.
    The second I won’t say still now as it not yet time.
    However, I believe there is judgement going on and I don’t think my word would be popular or received very easily. I will speak at the right point about this also. But I have been led to do some reading first and research to clarify certain things.
    I know I am being quite cryptic but really I wanted to say that this word is a confirmation of much and also that I believe Biden’s apparent missteps and sudden phrases off-script could be God’s doing in terms of what happens next. Not only that – the Iran deal that has got less publicity due to Ukraine, shows a lack of understanding entirely of how Iran views America and Israel. It could end up being the biggest mistake ever made by an acting President. Gone are the warnings about their beliefs in the media. Gone has fear. Gones has sanity.

    • I should add the Facebook posts are set so only I can see them currently.
      Re: Iran – many view America as quite literally symbolic if their antichrist equivalent. It is madness to do what world leaders are right now and especially America.

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