Be in the Spotlight of Heaven!


“Daughter behold, My spotlight is on you in this hour that I may bless you, keep you, cause My face to shine upon you.  That I may to be gracious unto you.  That I may lift My countenance upon you and give you peace.”

When I woke this morning these were the first words I heard in the Spirit.  Then I saw; the spotlight of heaven shining brightly upon the sons and daughters of God in this hour and season.  I watched as his eyes moved all across the earth seeking those whom He can focus and fix His favour upon!

I prophesy in this hour:   

“The all gracious, all beautiful and the all bounteous God and Father of Heaven is opening wide before us the vast treasures of His Kingdom riches and I hear Him call to us:”

“Come closer, draw nearer My beloved for all that I AM and all that I have is yours.  

All the riches of my eternal Kingdom belong to you.  Nothing shall I withhold from you, for even now in this moment, your cup of favour will be filled to overflowing, for I AM adding, adding and adding again to you.

Now watch as My goodness, grace and glory falls in showers upon your heads causing you to be changed, transformed and taken higher.

Beloved, you shall now walk by a new way as the light and power of My glory leads you forward in greater wisdom, authority and perfect peace,”  says God.

I decree:  

“As sons and daughters of God we have come under the spotlight of Heaven.  The glory beams of God’s goodness and grace are changing, transforming and revealing to many who they were truly created to be.

This is the hour and season ‘to shine.’

Many will be supernaturally distinguished and redefined as the spotlight of Heaven brings forth the true beauty that is within them.  Every dark shadow that has concealed and covered true identity and purpose is now being cast off and dispelled.”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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