Be Prepared for a True Prophet’s Word

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Be Prepared for a True Prophet’s Word 

When God sends a prophet to you, they are not coming to tell you about some money, car house, or any such thing.  Prophets were released when there was a problem of sin, rebellion, disobedience, iniquity in a nation individual region!

In fact prophets were feared because when they came, they came with words of rebuke, correction, discipline, judgment, instructions, directions.

They came to tell you about the heart and mind of God.  They weren’t sought out, unless they were false and a lying prophet.

They spoke blessings after they told you what was required concerning your relationship with God.  Numerous times in the word, the prophets spoke judgment, but then would tell them if they repent, the good things they would receive.

I’m just saying, real prophets were not popular!  In fact, when people heard they were coming to town, they were afraid, and often went to meet them to find out why they were coming, for peace, or to trouble them.

They didn’t come to pacify you in your sin and appease your flesh.

When the real prophets arise, satan knows they are coming to speak what thus saith The LORD, precisely, how He said it!

Keep running around here like a junkie needed a fix and one time you going to get a Word that will stop you right in your tracks and have you fall to your knees in fear and trembling repenting and turning from your wicked ways!

Neutrality in a Marriage Issue

WISDOM: Never listen to the complaints of a husband and wife, without them being together.

There is always two sides to every story.  One thing my leader taught me, is always listen to the Spirit of The LORD, not the voice of pain.

Even greater discernment is needed in this season, because your credibility reputation and character can be brought into question, because you are believe something that may have not been true, and you made a judgment or comment without all the facts.

Leaders, always be cautious when a couple don’t want to come together to resolve the issues, but are always complaining about each other.

I am receiving many requests for prayer concerning marriages, where one spouse is bad mouthing the other spouse, but they don’t want to come together to resolve the issues they say are separating them.

A red flag goes up when they say they want to save their marriage, but don’t want to work to save it.  Sometimes the person is looking for sympathy, or someone to come into agreement with them, against their spouse.

I have seen Jezebel wives try to twist situations to make it seem like their husbands are weak, or no good, when in fact they trying to control and belittle their husband.

I have seen Pharaoh husbands who are controlling, try to twist things to make it seem like their wives are disrespecting, or walking in rebellion.

Leaders, don’t take sides in a marriage battle.  You must be objective, unbiased, neutral and use wisdom when dealing with people concerning marriage.

I repeat, YOU DON’T TAKE SIDES in situations with a husband and wife.  If you see that you are, then don’t get in the situation at all.  Excuse yourself and let them know to find someone who can give them sound advice without having a one sided view.

We as leaders have to know how to handle problems that come up in ministry.

Leaders, if you having flesh problems, don’t get involved.  Too many affairs have taken place between a leader and a spouse who was in a vulnerable moment.  Learn when to get involved and when to let it go.

Marriages are sometimes destroyed because a couple sought advice from someone who wasn’t able to give sound wisdom to bring the marriage back together.

Remember, it doesn’t make you less than who you are, to admit you not qualified to work in certain areas.  In fact, a mature leader would rather see you get the help you need, than to give you help that they know can’t help you!  We all have a lane lets stay in it!

Character and Integrity

Enough Said!  Character and Integrity matters!  Attitude is important!

Holiness and Righteousness are still right!

You can’t live any kind of way and think God is pleased!

Greed, pride, lack of love, sin and iniquity will get you fired in God’s Kingdom!

Stop acting like you don’t know why the presence of The LORD is no longer with you. The altar is your first ministry!  You may be working but you won’t get paid for this job because He didn’t know you was on His payroll.

Your lifestyle will determine if you are approved or not!

Let Judas disqualify himself!

Jesus allowed His enemy to place Himself in a position that disqualified Him from His destiny. You don’t have to do anything just let the will of God play out.

Remember, every Judas has an expiration date!

Jesus sat back and when the time came for His assignment with Judas to end, He told him whatever you do you do quickly!

Some of you don’t understand, when you finish your process and the time for elevation is to come, God will let Judas disqualify himself!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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