From Wimps to Warriors


Fearless warriors you shall be.  Yes, I will call you fearless because you loved not your life unto death.  You died out to your own will and ways and chose Mine that are much higher than your own.  You chose to die out allowing My resurrection power to flow through you enabling you to do great exploits.

Yes, this is the day of the great falling away but it is also the day where My bride is making herself ready with Me in her secret place that I made for her alone.  Yes, each and every one of My beloved lambs have a special place I have created in My heart for them to dwell and within your very heart I have that place set up.

As you draw within and meet with Me I will show you great and wonderful things of how I will protect you through the storms, how I will carry you through the wind and the waves, how I will provide for you all your needs.

Yes, this is the day I AM providing for My Bride all that she needs so that she will become a strong a fearless warrior.  Yes, I AM rising up wimps to become My mighty warring worshipers of great valor.

You are changing history by becoming the people I called you to be who will not back down when faced with evil.  You will keep My words strong in your heart and pursue them to take place in the land.  Yes, you pledge to see that My kingdom will come and that My will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Yes, this might be the day of the great falling away but it is the day I AM raising up those who were weak in faith.  Even though they appeared to be fearful all their lives they had a flame within them that never burned out when the others who appeared strong are now floundering.  Yes, they were once weak but I have now made them strong because they had a love and desperation for Me that would not die.

Even though they were weak I had placed a desire within their heart to be strong and they pursued it and allowed that faith within to grow strong.  Yes, you could say I took them from wimps to great warriors in a matter of days or hours and suddenly they matured in Me to be the great people I called them to be.

So never doubt My faithfulness and look at your situation as being hopeless for I don’t look at your outward actions or even your words for I can turn them all around.  Don’t pay attention to those who may mock you saying that you are weak in faith and that God can never use you for I can take that weakest link and make it the strongest vessel of My power for My glory.

Never doubt My faithfulness to take an impossible situation and turn it around.  I will take those mountains out of your life and create a safe and smooth path for you to walk on for your steps are ordered by Me.

As you pursue peace with all men and follow after My righteousness I will be your God and you will be My people, and a mighty conquering people you shall be!!!


~  Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard of At The Father’s Feet website, shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet. I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow. Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.

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