Being Positioned for Spirit Explosion


Stop!  Be Prepared Now!

“Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat.  Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price,”   Isaiah 55:1.

My dear friends, this is NOT the same old rerun message propagated by man to stir us up.

Father God is today awakening us to the reality that most, if not all of us, are at a place of potential Spirit explosion of love and power.

For myself, and I believe many others, I have, without realizing it, gradually grown weary in seeking the reality of the fullness of supernatural kingdom of heaven life coming forth to change our world.

If we continue to do and be only just as we have been, we can miss what god has for us in the great day of the lord that is upon us.

We can do nothing but seek first the Kingdom of God.

The work is all the LORD’s.

However, we must be in position to receive that which Father God is pouring out!

What is the position that we must be in to receive the full endowment of becoming Sons of God fully manifested into this world to be used of God to transform this present world into the kingdom of our God?  (Romans 8:14, Hebrews 2:10).

One key word regarding the position we must be in is the word AVAILABLE!

God is not getting ready to do anything.  He has always been ready.

He is fully prepared to bring forth every promise, every empowerment, every character quality, and every tool and work needed to transform us into fully manifested Sons, joint heirs with Christ Jesus,  (2 Corinthians 2:10,  Romans 8:17).

All of the potential of Christ Jesus is now ready and available to explode in every child of the living God Almighty.

Huge ideas, thoughts, and power exploding in the hearts of His people can bring massive change from heaven into this world.

The Spirit of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit can turn this world right side up again, changing everything in this created natural and spiritual world into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth,  (Matthew 19:26,  Mark 9:23).

The long wait of two millennia has not been God getting ready.  It has been God getting mankind ready.  God is searching to and fro for a people who are fully available to present Him and His kingdom, to facilitate the change of this world into the kingdom of God as it is in heaven,  (Matthew 6:10).

In real time now how can we experience this highest order of life in all creation as fully adopted mature Sons of Almighty God, humble warrior leaders, priests and kings, empowered with all the power of heaven and with myriads of holy angels to deliver this world back to the Father?  (Revelation 5:10, Hebrews 12:22-23).

What position must we be in to receive the fullness of Sons of God?

Position, position, position!

Position of being still and empty of all else.

Position of being turned toward and totally focused on God and His voice.

Position of being completely available and completely hearing, believing, and obeying all that He says.

Be positioned in total availability to God and absolutely all things that God desires are possible.


Often slipping into resistance is as easy as saying, “Yes, I will do that as soon as I have the time,”  (Matthew 21:28-31).

Please, hear His love in this. God’s strong desire for us is for us to experience the greatest heavenly life on this earth.

All lack and suffering on the planet relates to mankind not experiencing the life God has planned for us.

In God’s design each person has a function in jointly supplying the needs of others,  (Ephesians 4:16).

When people do not live for God they fail to supply that which God intended to others around them.  All the lack and problems of the world will be eradicated by each person being whom God intends for us to be.

God loves us and His world too much to leave us in a place of lack and pain caused by our own (mankind’s) being out of position to be and do the work that God planned for us,  (John 3:16-17).

Removing the Resistance

God’s greatest urging for us to become fully available to Him is His beautiful expression of His love to us in personal intimate union with Him.  He greatly blesses us and confirms His unconditional love and desire for us to come completely to Him.

Oh, if everyone would truly respond to His love for us, the world would not be as it is now.
However, the enticement of this life of self-rule and pleasure-seeking presents lying false promises that lure people away from the pure holy love of God.

The result of yielding to the enticement of the world always releases suffering, pain, and death into the world,  (Luke 21:34,  Genesis 2:16-17).

In love Father God’s protection and provision is withdrawn in the hope of our returning to His pure love.  The love of God will not rescue us from this place of stress and pain until we turn back to Him and His love.

His love has prepared all that we need to come back to Him, even unto the death of Jesus on the cross to redeem us and the life of Christ in the Holy Spirit living in us to enable righteous living in the peace and joy of His kingdom.

The Next Urging from God

The next step for rebellious people who are resisting his repositioning in us is the ending of the things that made us think we were too busy to be AVAILABLE for Him to live in us.

The things that were so important to us that we gave up obedience to God to do them will become despised as stumbling blocks to us and others,  (Mark 4:18-19).

When we truly experience His love and contrast that to the things of this life that we once thought we had to do before we could obey God, they truly amount to nothing in comparison to abiding in His love.  We will no longer desire those things or anything else above being in His presence and abiding in His will.

Quick obedience to God is the natural fruit of being in love with Him.  Love fulfills the law,  (Galatians 5:14).

Hear and obey.  There is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.  Love produces obedience and sets us up to leave the old life and enter into the new and greater life that is now becoming available to all who make themselves available for God to fully live in them.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you,”   Matthew 6:33.


Be made whole in His love,
~ Ron McGatlin

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Ron McGatilnRon McGatlin Ron has over 55 years of seeking to serve God in ministry and business.  Barbara has served in pastoral and Christian education positions for over 10 years.  They currently make their home in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA.  Ron has written 5 books on revival and the in-breaking kingdom and continues to write powerful apostolic/prophetic articles published weekly in the Digest.

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