Beloved did I not say, IT IS FINISHED?


God says, “I can make the impossible possible and I can reverse that which seems irreversible!”

Today I see many people who are facing situations and circumstances that seem impossible and irreversible.

Specifically, Father shows me someone who is faced with a very painful and debilitating health situation.  In spite of having had surgery, things have not improved but your health has deteriorated and doctors have said there is nothing more that can be done.   This seems like an Impossible and Irreversible situation!

I see a Business which has suffered great financial loss and bankruptcy and as a result your marriage and some close friendships have been badly effected.  All Hope seems lost.   This seems like an impossible and irreversible situation!

I see a person who has had a diagnosis of cancer and the doctors have said there is no Hope of Recovery.  This seems like is an Impossible and irreversible situation!

I see a Ministry that has been badly impacted by a moral failure.  Hopes, dreams and vision have been lost.  Many lives have been negatively affected.  The Ministry has been discredited.  This seems like an Impossible and irreversible situation.

I see a precious friendship and godly relationship that has been impacted by lies, rumors and deceit.  There is so much pain and brokenness.  This seems like an impossible and irreversible situation.

But today, I Decree:  That every negative, evil or bad report concerning your family, health, marriage, finances, business, relationships and future is now being reversed, restored, renewed and revived by the Healing, Redemptive and Resurrection power of the Living God.

I Declare:   Recovery, Restitution and total Deliverance to every area of your life in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

I believe:   That sometimes God puts us in impossible situations to show us that He is the God of the impossible.

Ezekiel prophesied breath to a valley dry bones and they lived again…!

Time to rise up and Prophesy,   “Breath of God, blow upon the dry bones that lay before me.”

Time to rise up and Prophesy,   “God’s supernatural might and power is now moving on my behalf to remove the mountains that stand before me.”

Time to rise up and Prophesy,   “God’s supernatural resurrection power is reversing and restoring every area of my life.”

Remember, Lazarus who had already been dead for 3 days.  All hope of life seemed lost.  But suddenly the Resurrection power of God touched that dead situation and reversed the power and effects of sickness and infirmity.   Immediately new life returned to that which lay dead and already stinking.


Father would You come in Resurrection Power right now and Reverse that which seems Impossible and Irreversible in my life.  I Look to You and You alone in this hour of need.

I confess and repent of my little faith, doubt and fear, help my unbelief in the midst of the storm that rages round about me.

I Speak Peace to the Waves and Command them to be still.

Father, would You come and Breath the power of New Life and New Hope over every area of my life today.

Would You come and display Your Glory and manifest Power on my behalf and would Your hand move supernaturally to bring a timely turnaround to that which is dying and dead.

Father, would You Reverse the Power and Impact of the destructive and deadly Effects of this situation in my Family, Health, Business, Finances, Ministry and Marriage in Jesus Mighty Name.

Today, by faith I choose to believe that you have already done this for me, I take hold of that which rightfully belongs to me through inheritance, now by faith I step into that which has already been made available to me in the supernatural.

By faith I receive my healing, restoration and restitution, victory belongs to me in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

I hear the Holy Spirit say, “Fear Not, Only Believe!

Trust Me.  Believe me.  Depend on me.  Take Me at My Word.  Let the whole of your life – your thoughts, your attitude, your words, your actions – acknowledge that I AM LORD in your life and in every situation and circumstance that faces you today.

Beloved In this hour, I AM looking for a totally dependent relationship with you so that you can become ALL that I have created you to be, so that you can fulfill the great plans and purposes I have for you.

I have given you the promise of New Life and a life of Blessing and Abundance.

Beloved, have I not told you to Speak a thing and it shall be established for you?  Now speak life, prophesy breath to the dry bones that stand before you and watch me move as I stand over My Word to perform it in your life,”  says God.

“Beloved did I not say, IT IS FINISHED?  For the power of death has been broken.

I have Marked and Sealed you with My precious Blood.  You are now a new creation, Healed, Whole and Set Free from the bondage of death that once had you bound.

You are Mine, purchased in full, you carry My Authority and you bear My image.

Now only believe and you will see the manifestation of my glory and power demonstrated in every area of your life,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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