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I Will Brighten Your Life! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord for this encouraging Word! I receive this for our daughter who had to move out or her house because of mold and asbestos. There have been many delays, issues with housinging the interim, insurance issues. What the enemy means for evil you are turning for good. You are supplying every need and bringing your PEACE and encouragement to our daughter! Thank you Lord and Thank you Dear Precious Sister June! God Bless you, Claudia

  2. I just heard from the Holy Spirit yesterday, I will provide for you.  I remember going to an AA meeting once and a man was there telling his story about early sobriety.  He and his wife had only on ham sandwich left.  She was working and came home to eat it, and he had already eaten it.  She was so disheartened.  He felt very ashamed and went to an AA meeting.  When he walked through the doors of the AA meeting there was a table with trays of ham sandwiches piled high!!  He knew that he knew God was saying I AM enough and more than enough for you and your family.  I will provide!!

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