Broken Cisterns, That Hold No Water


The scriptures say, that there will be mockers, in the last time.  Another place calls these, scoffers.  They are among us; on every level of our religious existence and structure.  You are not going to get through to them; they scoff at anything, that attempts to make them and others, listen with an ear they are supposed to have.  If you in any way question their kind of operation and dare suggest that we might have erred away from what is truly sound doctrine, they mock you.

The Apostles talked about “false brethren, unawares brought in.”  I am pressed upon to stop and say, if the real five-fold ministry had been in place as it was ordered to be, they would have seen the fake people.  If the gifts of the Spirit had actually been promoted or encouraged, as it was also meant to be, spirit-filled gifted people, would have also seen them.  As the Word has said, they would have been called to account, for their attempts of trying to turn everything to themselves.  Jude, suggests that they “crept” in unawares.  The Old Testament and the New Testament, spoke of these kind; how you know them.

Another writer said, “their talk is boastful and arrogant, and they claim to admire men’s persons and pay people flattering compliments, to gain their own advantage.  They look like, talk like, sing like and preach like, the real thing; however, in reality, they are clouds without rain.  One verse in the book of Proverbs says it this way; “Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift, is like clouds and wind, without rain.”  I know that to some, if not many, this all sounds like negative speech; in one sense, it is.  But is it not possible, that in reality, it is these of whom the scriptures talk about, that have truly been the ones who have created such a negative environment in what is supposed to be God’s work.  All reproof and correction, is negative to them.

I asked the Lord earlier, if I might not be allowed to write about something that was uplifting; I wanted to encourage some people.  First of all, I don’t get to choose; secondly, I began to recall something one of our dear elders said on here, when I first came here. He said that there actually were great multitudes of people out here, who had been wounded and hurt; he felt, the numbers were far greater, than those who yet sat within certain walls.  And I realized now, that these, are the ones that I can encourage and lift up.  I feel, many of these, need to somehow understand, what happened to them.

Many people, are very talented in what they do; but, without the real Spirit, they will sooner or later diminish in their appeal.  Their performance, will also turn flat.  These have no oil, or no water, in their vessels.  Most of us understand, that a broken vessel, will leak out what is poured into it; it must be healed and restored.  It can be very helpful, to know why you have been broken.  One thing is clear today, Jesus is building up and restoring a great number of fallen and broken spirits; for a purpose.  It is so they can restore, someone else; that they be full of that living water, that can be shared with others who are thirsty.  Can we pray “re-mold” us; fill us up with your Spirit.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn


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