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  1. Dear Prophet Ken, how can we be Justified? How can the Grace of God be extended despite our OPEN rebellion and carelessness for the Gospel, and the lives of Innocent Babies? Literally sacrificed IN THIS LAND, in God’s LAND! they do it to the names of their Gods and ascended masters? If we cared, wouldn’t we have REMOVED all the PAGAN Masonic Temples from the LAND? For Darkness can’t mix with Light, and Duality is not a way to God! those are Man made traditions! SURELY the Most High God, the Ancient of Days is ANGRY! Did Elijah not rise up against them in God’s fury and judgment? We are their Sheeps, but they are not the true Shepard, we just happily eat their grain and go our own ways! How can God extend his mercy? Is God a man who knows the thoughts of all by Manipulation? and the seeing eye is his eye? or is our God in America truly the Alpha and Omega, the MOST HIGH GOD? who sees beyond any witchcraft seeing Eye on the Pyramid? And NO! I don’t mean POLITICS, or GOVERNMENT! and I say this as to rectify my self from any REPROCAUTION. ITS US! WE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE GONE ASTRAY! Why then should God extend his hand? if we have become STIFF NECKED ON OUR OWN?

    Ezekiel comes to mind From 6 to 10. That’s what i hear for America! how soon? I do not know, but these people know the BIBLE better than us! and all their crafts are active! Revival may come because the Most High God is gracious enough to allow it if we seek him, but is THIS WHAT IT TAKES FOR US TO SEEK HIM? Why not do it when we HAD PEACE, quiet, and we became fattened with our LUST, Commodities and Luxuries? and how many will truly seek him then even?

    I think if people actually realized what is truly taking place in the the WORLD as a whole, this nation MAYBE* just maybe may have have repented LONG AGO! and became Godly as God intended.

    WE LOST THE FEAR OF GOD! We fear Man more than God! The unbelief in this NATION IS rampant! Its not SATAN, or GOD or Goverment! but MAN!! WE THE PEOPLE! Don’t COMPLAIN For it now America!

    The Gospel is openly preached all over the place! Churches in every Corner that READ from the Unchangeable Holy Scriptures (KJV)so there is no denying God can be found.

    Is not Government, is WE THE PEOPLE! We are committing a SIN UNTO DEATH! we are TRAMPLING THE BLOOD OF CHRIST AS UNHOLY!OPENLY insulting the Spirit of grace!

    I mean for crying out loud! TO even just consider that a HUMAN would have the audacity to KILL a baby? or to birth a baby to give up to Ritual Abuse just to make them a New World Order Puppet? ITS HAPPENING! Its not movies, books, games, novels. ITS HAPPENING!

    Sexual sin as if it was NOTHING! Girls having sex with man at ages of 13-16-20, by the time they get married, they have laid around with 6 other men! Surely its not As much as Parents or families to blame all though they are in a VERY LARGE sense, but having the Holy Spirit, we would have conviction, but we don’t because its not MAN who gives it but GOD, and we don’t seek God! we just haven’t!

    Why should God extend his hand over this NATION if they have not sought him? We better thank Man in this case, for not destroying us! Literally, thank Man and the powers at be for not doing the DEVILS work just yet! for God has waited openly for a long time!

    Hasn’t God made himself apparent in his creation, of this reality? is the Holy Spirit limited by upbringings? or by race? culture? ethnicity? does the Holy Spirit Only Speak English? No! It is we the PEOPLE! Can MAN STOP THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD? THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA? MOST CERTAINLY NOT!

    SO why has it taken this long! Surely Christ is our Sure foundation! surely the sacrifice has being made by our Lord Jesus Christ! Soldiers have fought for this foundation to be kept alive, now they turn from man of HONOR into MAN OF DISHONOR just to earn RANKS, or MONEY or positions, with no DISREGARD FOR THE LIVES OF OTHERS! health, future or anything! These are the LOW RANK roach elites! they were part of WE THE PEOPLE, but HAVE GONE ASTRAY, should they not also answer? So its true! we perish for lack of knowledge, for we know not our enemy! BUT WE SHOULD! (In fact Bible says we do (2 Cor 2:11), but we don’t therefore we perish for lack of knowledge) So they take Ye Are Gods! literally and RULE OVER God’s people! So I guess in that sense it be RIGHT FOR GOD To extend his GRACE, power and Dominion to this nation, to restore it ones more!

    Please, I wish not to be labeled a terrorist, but if God has no favorites, then how can a MAN be above another man? First the Native Americans, then the Blacks, then the Jews! Its like we were BACK IN MOSES TIMES!

    So does that meant that those who RUN the world, know that by CREATING These GLOBAL CONFLICTS they can stir up people into fear, and then maybe, just maybe we seek Repentance? and seek the living God? Not because is what they wanted, but because our own FEAR and desperation, then we will finally have sought him as we should have to start with. Then maybe we seek the Lord, and really learn that the FEAR Of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge.

    I mourn for America! The Lord doesn’t spare the Rod from those he loves!

    WE NEED TO DO DEEP SOUL SEARCHING! DEEP HEART SEARCHING! Is not the Holy Spirit who was AFAR! is not him who WAITED all this time to suddenly show up! ITS US! we have being given EVERY SPIRITUAL GIFT! Christ is our Sure foundation! what has changed for Believers now?, it isn’t God, he has waited all along!

    God bless you Apostle Ken.

  2. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NKJV)
    17 pray without ceasing,
    James 5:16 (NKJV)
    16 Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

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