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Cast Aside Mixture ~ I AM the Only True GOD! — 2 Comments

  1. This truly is an urgent matter!
    Holy Spirit has been pressing this into my consciousness for more than a year: The admixture of the world (satan’s) system that we allow in our daily lives distracts, defiles and deafens believers.
    He cannot penetrate from our reborn spirits into our minds, will, emotions, personalities—that is, into our souls—when we mix the world system with the Truth.
    A little leaven is all it takes to infect the whole loaf. The effect of this dampening down of the Spirit?
    Powerlessness to be witnesses to the lost, to pray effectively, to be the warriors and priests we are meant to be.
    Seek to understand exactly where and how the Satan system is contaminating you. Then cut it away without mercy—make a new beginning in the purity of His way.
    This is the meaning of baptism in water, of circumcision on the eighth day.
    Last Easter Sunday, Holy Spirit had me ask my ekklesia congregation what seemed to me a bizarre question, and I was completely baffled as I did His bidding.
    I said “Holy Spirit asks ‘Do fish know they’re wet?’”
    As soon as I obeyed and spoke aloud, He revealed the meaning to me so I was able to explain.  He meant that believers still mixing worldly things into their lives are as insensitive to and unaware of their condition as fish are to being wet.
    But if we earnestly seek to rid ourselves of worldliness, He will reveal us to ourselves and enable us to do so.
    1 John 1:9 is a precious promise of just that truth.
    Oh, and I found out there actually is an excellent book called “Do Fish Know They’re Wet?” by Christian author Tom Neven (2005).
    Holy Spirit reads a lot, I guess!  Everyone should do the same!

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