Church Leaders, Money and Sowing


The honest truth:
Leaders, you have to be honest
when asking others to sow!


I say this as humbly as I can and in love.  The leaders of God should not be setting bad examples for the people who are trying to come to God.

When it comes to the topic of money and sowing, some people are hurt behind the actions of others and it makes them feel like all of the people of God are the same.  When that is not true!  Leaders, we should not allow greed to get in the way of ministry and our main priority.

If someone sows a seed into the ministry and then we don’t answer their request or respond back to a prayer request, it can cause them to be disappointed and lose their trust in the ministry of the Lord.  If people are gracious enough to sow as you ask, or sow just to bless you, then at least try to be available to them.

Leaders, if you take money from God’s people and then ignore them, they feel hurt and deceived.  Don’t let your good be evilly spoken of.

God’s people are hurting, very vulnerable, and like sheep they are fragile and servants of God have to be careful on how we handle them.  Some are so fragile that it can cause them a spiritual set back and then we will be in serious trouble with God!

Some have voiced their feelings and have been hurt and disappointed in the leaders of God.  Some have been hurt really bad and the reason why I speak up is because some are becoming discouraged and they now think that all ministers have the same agenda.

Now some ministries only ask you for a donation and there are a lot of good ministries.  But we have to be careful using the word sowing because we lead them some into thinking that that’s a down payment for God to bless them.  It’s hard enough to minister and to encourage people as it is.  Nearly every time, money will cause problems in ministries and cause people to fall off and walk away from God!

The blood is required at the hands of the watchmen!

If only a lot of people would read the word of God for themselves.  You will be less stressed – You will know for you self that sowing and reaping are first spiritual!

You can’t sow money into the spiritual realm, if your heart and life is not lined up with God’s will.  He’s not caring what kind of money you sow and who you sowed it to.  He doesn’t accept money as a bribe.  You can give it to whomever you want to.  They cannot pray and make God bless you out of his will.

Who did Jesus sow to?   Did he ask people to sow in his ministry?  He didn’t even ask the rich young ruler to sow.  He told him to go and sell it!  Read the word for yourself!  Now there are ministries that need help to keep functioning but a lot of people want you to sow so they can go sow into cars and houses!  OK… let’s be real.

2 Timothy 2:15  says to study to show thyself approved that a workman need not be ashamed to rightly divide the word of truth.  In other words, if you know the word for yourself then you are less likely to be deceived by anyone.

The bible tells you of false teachers, false prophets, wolves in sheep clothing.  These people can work and call out things from familiar spirits and you will think its coming from God.  But since you don’t have the word and spiritual discernment, you are lied to and have been led falsely.  Then you are hurt.  Giving donations if you want is fine, but god wants you to sow to and from the spiritual.  That’s a whole bible study.  Maybe we should start an online bible study and meet online once a week and anybody can join in and we learn from each other!  God knows I am not trying to be harsh or hurt anyone feelings, I am really saddened by the reality that this happens.  But you have to know what the word of god really means by sowing, you have to study the word for yourself..

Here is a link on what sowing really is.  I will post more if requested..

 “Seed Time and Harvest” – False doctrine of money


– by Geraldine Coleman
First published on Facebook on August 2, 2013

Geraldine Coleman imageGeraldine Coleman:  Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.




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  1. Geraldine Coleman this is a very impressive and magnificent word from heaven and it needed to be said,God Richly Bless You and here is the scripture to confirm this word today;
    Matthew 6:24
    New Living Translation (NLT)
    24 “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.